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  1. Why did this bloke wait 'till now to go to have a go at the debt problem. He could have done so years ago when all was clear what was going on. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7366306.stm
  2. Yes, but more importantly, why did they chose to avoid it?
  3. ......OK you drink all night long, then you wake up next day, who do you think will be there to sort out the chaos? I don't see anyone of Thatchers calibre so far.
  4. Yes the state certainly does, but how many teachers know this? Funny, the only time when the state should have been 'let out of its box' to control the supply of money ...... it failed.
  5. It is very worrying that you may not be the only one to hold that view.
  6. The government should meet the teachers claim in exchange for private type pension schemes. In other words retire at 65(?) financed by self funded money purchase scheme. take it or leave it.
  7. ...... and food prices are increasing at an unprecedented level......... but the good news is..... ......... all together now ..... ... "there'll be no return to boom and bust"
  8. Sorry, but having sold, 'making sure the price of my place was a shade lower than all the other houses for sale nearby' has nothing with to do with 'luck'. You would have been 'lucky' if you had sold while your price had been the same as others nearby. PS........ Will someone say what STR stands for!!......perlease!
  9. I think the average DAILY household energy (power) consumption in the UK is the equivalent of raising a mass off 40 tonnes around 500 meters. Thing is, it just don't feel like it when you throw a switch.
  10. .........and also achieves the desired aim of increasing house prices.
  11. I think it is called fractional reserve banking. Some refer to it as fractional reserve theft. They probably don't even have to go to all the trouble of printing the stuff these days. Try Googling 'money masters'.
  12. .....said on the news the BOE was to 'inject £15 billion to help liquidity' ? http://www.hemscott.com/news/latest-news/i...=63451699376566 If so....then why bother with a piffling £15 billion why not, say, £150 billion.....that should do the trick? surely, y' don't even have to print the stuff these days.....? Wots a 'cover ratio' anyway?
  13. In which case the lender would be liable for any further losses?
  14. 'overheating'......We used to hear that word all the time to describe the economy in the 90s ....... when did it become unfashionable? Haven't heard Evan Davis use the word for years???
  15. Now that made me laugh out loud I suspect many are about to feel seriously pumped anytime soon.
  16. Gordon Brown knew exactly the effect his policies would have..... he has deliberately engineered the housing boom. He knew that excluding housing costs would keep the base rate low, and this would (in effect) force people to spend.......and borrow........ he got the voters to do 'his' spending, and they obliged. Only an incompetent would not know this....... and I don't think Gordon Brown is incompetent. I think Major was more inclined to protect us from ourselves(?) I sometimes wonder if Lawson had realised at that time, the effect of ending double mortgage relief.
  17. Highly unlikely...... very soon, annual house price changes will drop to negative. Up till now, those with vested interests have been able to argue (lie?) that prices are still rising. Lies, damned lies, and house prices
  18. Just occasionally there come little snippets of priceless info........ ......... this is one. Cheers
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