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  1. yes, and the uk...ie. banks underwritten by uk taxpayers (victims).?
  2. At least you're questioning your 'greed'. Realisms no bad thing. What about putting it on with all the agents in your area, instructing them to start at £145k, but also instructing them to reduce the price by £1000 per month 'til sold?? just a thought.
  3. What about the Glazers (who 'bought' Manchester United)? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glazer_ownership_of_Manchester_United
  4. Yes, but more importantly(?) where did this 'money' come from exactly. What proportion came from honest bank deposits? ....... you know, like was done in the 'good' old days......... and what proportion was conjured up from nothing (QE)?
  5. Don't be so unkind...... I mean, look, au has pulled back to $750. oh sorry, I mean $1750.
  6. Once, I would have said yes. Now though, I understand how easy it has been for the TPTB (the scum) to interfere with price signals and ensure there is as much confusion in the system as possible, their sole aim of wrong footing normally prudent types. If you equate stupid with the wrong footed then yes they were stupid. Here's an example http://www.spiegel.de/international/business/0,1518,781590-2,00.html I guess the analogy / parallel might be....... those who don't read the small print are stupid........all 20 pages of it.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRJxafiqHvw
  8. yes but the (not so simple) problem is, money and derivatives are elastic, real things and stuff are not.
  9. Absolutely spot on. The modern banking system MUST have inflation .... It is dead without it. And the politico-banking criminals who drive the system know this, and are intent to grab as much as possible before it falls over.
  10. Oh I'm sure most do riot for fun. It's something exciting to do on an otherwise boring summers evening...... .........but definitely agree with your earlier comment though A VERY important point.
  11. So when exactly did the decision makers at S & P decide the US was looking a bit wobbly........ 1-30 AM ??.....
  12. They should invited Ed Balls to the discussion......for balance. ......and Max Keiser, for fun.
  13. Helpful video for those new to house price inflation and it's main cause, money creation.
  14. Small pendant type of correction Great point btw.
  15. yes also ..... of those who 'work' for payment, what do they produce per hour? ..... or other words, how long would it take to carry out the actual tasks of an 8 hour period??
  16. Maybe, but you'll still never bang a nail into a forest.
  17. Well a forest does not exist in the sense you can not bang a nail into it......surely that is an absolute truth?? Where as a tree does exist, it is real, and stands up well to the nail test.
  18. OK but they do not expect a direct monetary payment in exchange for their time. I'm afraid you are going to have to explain it again....... it's how these places work.....new people join HPC all the time.. You'll have to give up some more of your time to explain yet again......for free ....... if you so choose.
  19. yes so long as there's agreement? You can chose to help if you want to. Some people do this for free. Some people do not. So he can't speak ...... well you must decide if you want to take the risk that you might not get paid. one of life's many risks. ??
  20. So you want paying??? ....... in which case it is really NOT a favour is it??
  21. I'd guess most opted for 'low risk' .....
  22. I tell my little story again. When I was about 25 (early 80s) we wanted a mortgage. I just wanted a normal capital & interest mortgage. The crook (salesman) offered a thing called an endowment mortgage. He told me I would have to pay the interest only ..... plus buy into an endowment that would pay back more than the loan.....I'd make a profit. I asked a simple question........ (I was not formally qualified in any form of economics.) ............"Can you guarantee there will be enough return to repay the capital". He said ........ "No" I said ........"Feck off" end of little story
  23. Doesn't it tell you something........ that debt is not the crime it once was?? Are you a bad person if you fail to repay 'money' that never existed?
  24. Yes, but the banks are the tops. Stop banking fraud (thinks...is QE actually fraud tho?) and the rest would have less of a fight to get the fraud money first. ??
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