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  1. How many of the 'imported ones' were born into a welfare state such as this? .......... I'd suggest the more productive ones weren't.
  2. Absolutely 100% guaranteed correct. mind you, I guess, most who blindly support 'democracy' don't even know what fiat money is / means....... ....... and the banko political types want to keep it that way.
  3. a shameless bump for those who may have missed it
  4. ....well there's sh1t ...... and then there's stuff. Which one's the pointless screen numbers? Thing is, the sh1t drives the stuff price ........ right up until it doesn't. ??
  5. Truth??...." .....gold is another bubble that has been intentionally man..... " Gold is just stuff that exists..... along with cotton, apples, coal etc. It is the system of attributing value to stuff that is at fault, not the stuff.....THAT is truth. It is 'money' where the fault lies. Mind you, you're right, money creation IS man a few devious people made Nice one JD btw. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/p00k6fzj @ 38 mins for those who've not yet listened ......... pass it on.
  6. I guess the next question has to be (if money printing had been a hanging offence) ........ how long would one have to work to afford a house?...... avg wage & house?
  7. Not the sort of question Sibley would ask, I know..... but where did the money come from exactly? .....or even approximately will do. Banks depositors? China? thin air? ....... Also, what would the average house price today if the printing (creating) of 'money' had been a hanging offence? ta.
  8. Oh, I think he's got you there inj. Inflict violence on the few for the benefit....etc.
  9. Absolutely. We can only suppose some can't accept stealing is wrong for obvious (?) reasons.
  10. but but surely, receiving stolen goods is OK if I don't know they're stolen. but what if I do know??
  11. bit like discrediting the alphabet? ...... it just is.
  12. just to add.... I guess if I were a real pedant I'd say if he taxes at 100% the tax collector gets feck all, long term ('cos he can tax at 100% for one time only). And if he taxes at 0% he still gets feck all. There is an optimum somewhere along the x axis where the tax collector gets a maximum. This is a fact ......... sure, there are a shedload of caveats, but the illustration is fact...... popgum .....and the shedload of caveats are after fact.
  13. Don't be daft ffs. it's not meant to work...... it just illustrates fact....... It is devoid of opinion.
  14. Fair enough. Just one other thing ........ when do you think he will sell dollars? .......... when gold hits $300?
  15. from your op ....... pretty sure it's not out of context. He's long, but only short term......
  16. They should (must) also break the contracts to existing pensioners drawing more than £5000 (?....or less) per year. 10% cut 5k - 10 20% cut 10k - 20 30% cut over 20k won't happen ...... politicians won't take a cut.......which is why there are virtually no so-called austerity measures.
  17. But Obama said "doing nothing is not an option" ....and he said it in a very load voice, so it must be so? How much does Obama 'earn' btw?
  18. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-2034575/NS-I-index-linked-savings-certificates-withdrawn-sale.html
  19. They are NOT travellers though. They are just people who want to a place to live and aren't prepared to pay the (rigged) market price for it. Can't blame them really ........ apart from their very flawed 'racial argument'.
  20. Tony Blair??....... is that the same bloke who took a 'job', 'working' at JP Morgan...... the 'investment' bank. What talents could he possibly have brought to such an organisation.
  21. What about the other bit of the ratio...... the 'money' bit? Gold is doing the up bit of the 'bubble' because 'money' is on the down bit. Forget gold, think rather of way it is 'priced'. ??
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