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  1. Oh no he'll never succeed... far too honest. Actually, Farage is an ex banker....... and a supporter of our (UK) banking 'industry'.
  2. The entire politico- banking system is designed to cause anxiety ....... "buy now or lose out" ....... "buy now or you'll be left behind" ....... etc etc. They make their money by deliberately causing anxiety. Voting only gives support to these nasty types.
  3. Is this the same pr1ck who was whinging about the government cut in the insanely overpriced feed-in electric tarriff from 40 PENCE PER Kwh?? Why does he want to keep prices so high? Why does he hate the young so much? Amazing to hear the DG of the CBI having the same views as the other pr1ck, Ed Balls.
  4. Don't know what you mean by 'want' ........ but banks being allowed to lend more honest money than they had was bound to end in tears. ??
  5. The fact you (the majority) are not able to see a problem does NOT mean it doesn't exist.
  6. 20 hours a week!!?? ....... don't be daft.....no one should be working for money* more than 5 hours a week. *producing stuff people need
  7. but did you want to contribute to the EU budget in the first place?...... I would prefer to simply trade with people for stuff that people want....... oh yes, and I'd have preferred not to create money for future generations to repay. People just go where the perceived (or even real) wealth is.......we all do it. ??
  8. The system is fecked, no doubt. The pricing signals are fecked. but blaming 'business asswipes' is just wrong. I could and would start a business tomorrow, but I chose not to.....why? You are focussing on effect .... not cause. You are also (understandably) allowing emotion to cloud your judgement ......... don't let the bankers off the hook by blaming trade.
  9. but he has a point. surely if we borrow from future generations we, effectively, must be lazier than if we did not??
  10. What? If BAE systems have sufficient people to buy their goods why would they fire staff........?? for fun? As an aside ....... why the feck do we STILL have a 40 hour week??!!. Mi bro used to operate a machine that 20 years previous would have done the work of 25 workers!! .....He told me that about 20 years ago. ........ what 'the to55ers that be' are effectively saying is, we should be consuming 25 times more then we were 30-40 years ago??? ........and here we are. huge fecking sigh.
  11. have you ever even considered starting a business ........???.......if not why not? Perhaps even considering such a course might make one an asswipe?
  12. Perhaps the tax payers (slaves) could will have to tell government to go f*ck itself when it wants the QE to be repaid. I mean, if QE is created from nothing, it is nothing, so why should something that did not exist have to be repaid???
  13. yes.... these are the sort of questions Paxo and his mates should be asking... "......how is this QE to be repaid EXACTLY...... describe the actual mechanism"
  14. In response to Paxo's request to not call the guy an idiot, perhaps Obourne should have referred to him as "a dishonest liar" ........ ........ he could probably proved it quite quickly from first principles. edit to add:- the guy would have to to sue for defamation of character to prove he was not a liar, or accept the fact he is seen as a liar??
  15. Yeah, that's the one. Pi55e5 me off a treat, that one. Spouted by real wan4ers.
  16. What is QE?........ people's money?? mind you 'doing business' using QE it not business....... you do need people's money do do honest business in an honest market. perhaps that is what you meant?
  17. What about covering the surface with some sort of thin membrane (like clingfilm) when not in use to reduce (or eliminate) evaporation? Latent heat of evaporation??
  18. .....said the banko politician. ?? Amazed to see you missed the subtlety. edit:- almost forgot the bankers......... (the politician's friends)
  19. Why not? What of the newbies here? Matters not if it's been said before.
  20. Yes .... they (the cons) know so are complicit. ..... ........ the rest of them are just dim........... look how easily De Lorian was able to take Wedgewood Ben for a few million.
  21. My only point of view is honesty really. I mean, is it honest to ask for demand something back that did not exist? Truth has feck all to do with opinion .......... IMHO
  22. I'm really confused. Can anyone help? Did the QE money exist or not? Be awful if other tax payers were confused...
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