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  1. So..... where DID that £705,000 come from? Seriously, though. Where did it come from? I'd really like an explanation.
  2. Amazing! (to the most people, I guess). BTW, has this always been the case? I mean, there once was a time when your money at your bank was yours. When did that change? edit to add...... what is the difference??!! ....... the difference is reflected in the banks have behaved ........ and here we are.
  3. So, an asset as defined by honest people is something one actually owns? Whereas the devious / dishonest / liar banking people declare, being owed an asset the value of an asset is exactly the same as owning it? Is this true?
  4. Be fun to use that as an argument with the unions.......... ".........sorry mate you can't have any more money because prices have not risen because you have not asked for more money."
  5. Wage do not have to rise to cause an hyperinflation........ if the price of bread goes to £10........ is this possible?..... What could cause bread to go to £10?
  6. You will not see an hyperinflation until for some reason there is a shortage of an essential....... OR a loss of confidence in a currency...... the two, as likely as not, will be coincident.
  7. Yes indeed, the hyper-inflationary holocaust is total gibberish ........ right up 'til the point it happens. something about a black swan or summat.
  8. rock + hard place snake consuming it's own tail etc. oops + oh dear
  9. Yes, but under true 'free' market your reputation would be shot to sh1t, and few would deal with you.....There was a time when reputation counted for something but it could be a requirement again one day. just a thought.
  10. What, exactly, is a free market? I suspect only a few have any idea what a free market actually is. Might be interesting to discuss it though....... won't happen, of course.
  11. Either....or perhaps both? http://www.chrismartenson.com/blog/gold-manipulated-thats-okay/72892
  12. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3MkIMeosHr3SG1UbW9fNlJTdm1hZWYzNnpHc2t0QQ/edit?pli=1 Quite from Chris Martenson Instead of asking why do you think the price of gold is controlled? I ask, why do you think the price of gold is NOT controlled?
  13. Not really bizarre though, more like understandable, given that the modern political system derives it's income from 'growth'. What does 'growth' imply when you're touting for votes?? I'll vote again (possibly) for the politician who declares the term 'growth' has been used dishonestly to hoodwink voters and enrich political banking types.
  14. As the title So it is established as fact, we, NONE of us own the land we think we do.... An hypothetical bit of whatifery...... Of course this all goes along with no pensions, no benefit payments, no tax etc..... or does it? What then??? or to rephrase ..... what if this fact had been established, say, 50 years ago??
  15. Parenting, education, difference between right & wrong??..... all basic stuff really ....... provided, of course, you've one has been honestly educated, parented, and can recognise right & wrong. ?? edited to add......does it matter how many times it has been discussed here? ..... what of those new here?......
  16. No this simply can't be true........ high firearm ownership = Somalia......??
  17. Yes. Bit like the daft term 'real leather'......... it's either leather or it ain't.
  18. OK. I have 'the biggest gun', I am very proficient in it's use, I think I am 'the leader' (cos I'm quite dim). How do I know how big your gun is and how proficient you are in it's use? The point being, I might spend so much of my time trying to work out who might or might not have the biggest gun, and the risk involved, it might be more profitable to spend my time on other activities? just a thought.
  19. They will be far less likely to try to control you, for instance, if they know you are armed?
  20. Thought experiment. What if, say, everyone was allowed (forced even) to bear arms?
  21. .................is what she is supposed to have said. of course what she failed to clarify was, 'other peoples money' was (is) the children's money. aren't socialists nice........and their nice banker mates.
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