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  1. Nothing at all wrong with greed. but there's a lot wrong with dishonesty. There's a world of difference.
  2. Did you mean central banks .......... or government
  3. So if we are to get to the cause here, we need to define what is 'crime'? or honesty........... I mean....... does it matter? I'd suggest it is quite important. Honesty is a fundamental principle.....yes?
  4. can't be fraud AND stupidity, surely. Has to be one OR the other??? I'm going with fraud, NOT stupid.
  5. But are all capitalists crooks? Crooks and fraudsters are the problem, not capitalists. People employ capital all the time without the need to resort to crime. ??
  6. Yes. The unions wanted more money, so their mates at the banking system duly obliged..............and here we are.
  7. oh, first customer 'Poster unable to substantiate their reasoning from first principles.'
  8. Sorry......... ever the pedant. Seriously though, I used to think it was simply all about supply and demand, until someone here pointed out the this absolute is seriously distorted by the supply of credit ............. especially credit created from feck all. ??
  9. So what would be a first principle here? A lack of land or the supply of credit? I would suggest the supply of credit has had more effect on fvcking up the system than has the lack of land?
  10. Why not just issue a standard rebuke to posters such as:- 'Poster unable to substantiate their reasoning from first principles.' ?? But definitely no banning.
  11. What about all the sh1t that comes out of Westminster, wouldn't that'd cover the shortfall?
  12. OK would you anyone describe the scenario whereby house price inflation could not have occurred?
  13. Would you expand on this? In a way that could be understood by those who are interested? So those who should suffer will understand WHY they should suffer?
  14. But what you describe are effects. Wouldn't one's time be better served finding or describing the cause? Example I get £100,000 worth of freshly printed. I now go and spend it on something you wanted. You have to pay more. ? Where's the problem you, me? ...... or someone else?? I'd say 'someone else'........ y'know, the one laughing all the way to his bank.
  15. Yes, I can remember the conversations we had then, should we buy or should we not. We spent hours, if not days , (or was it weeks), discussing the moral implications of high house prices on our as yet unborn children. and the bankers were laughing all the way to the, erm .... bank?
  16. We do it for 'free', but there is a cost to us, and we are happy to pay it ................ mostly.
  17. So. just to clarify, who is / was the problem, boomers, children or grandchildren? ..............or bankers?
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