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  1. Sorry guys. wtf am SMI? Just in case I need some. http://www.acronymfinder.com/SMI.html
  2. WHAT?! ...government bucking the market? ............. the government IS the 'market'.......... up 'til now that is.
  3. Yes, but I think I would put IDS up with Frank Field in terms of integrity. Definitely not a GB or the rest of the slime. ??
  4. There are 1.3 billion Chinese. What proportion are in a labour camps?
  5. So you didn't see the filling bath they used to illustrate the deficit being added to the debt? ...... The tap was running full open, the guy was using a thimble (?) to reduce the water level........ was a great illustration of Osbornes efforts. Was a VERY good prog.
  6. Good article quote:- That is close to incredible. Here we are—a country of 260 million people that stretches from sea to shining sea, with enormous resources, and a two-hundred-year background of more or less steady growth, supposedly the strongest and richest country in the world, and yet six million people living on a tiny spit of land with negligible resources manage to produce as high a per capita income. How come? The explanation is the same as for Britain and Israel. Direct government spending is less than 15 percent of national income in Hong Kong, more than 40 percent in the United States. Indirect government spending via regulations and mandates is negligible in Hong Kong but accounts for around 10 percent of national income in the United States. In both respects, the United States differs from Hong Kong less than either Britain or Israel, both of which have even higher government spending as a fraction of national income and even more intrusive and extensive regulations and mandates, which is presumably why per capita income in the United States is more than a third higher than that in the United Kingdom and nearly 80 percent higher than that in Israel.
  7. Yes indeed We need Cowperthwaite now........... (or 20 years ago). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_James_Cowperthwaite Sir John James Cowperthwaite (April 25, 1915 – January 21, 2006) was Financial Secretary of Hong Kong from 1961 to 1971. His introduction of free market economic policies are widely credited with turning postwar Hong Kong into a thriving global financial centre. He returned to Hong Kong in 1945 and continued to rise through the ranks. He was asked to find ways in which the government could boost post-war economic outlook, but he found the economy was recovering swiftly without any government intervention. He took the lesson to heart, and positive non-interventionism became the focus of his economic policy as Financial Secretary. He refused to collect economic statistics for fear it would encourage officials to meddle in the economy.[1] He was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1960, Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George in 1964, and knighted in 1968. He was highly praised by Nobel laureate Milton Friedman just before his death.[1] esp............. He refused to collect economic statistics for fear it would encourage officials to meddle in the economy.
  8. Oh he's cost us MUCH more than that. The kind of tw4t who sells the family 'silver' is the same kind of tw4t who will max out on credit cards. I'm sure he once described himself as 'prudent' ........... what a **** he was / is.
  9. yeah, that the fifth one this year, they get a bit boring after while, hey?
  10. http://www.kaplanfox.com/news/421-silverfuturescomplaint.html and http://www.kaplanfox.com/templates/kaplanfox/images/content/pdfs/silver%20futures%20class%20action%20complaint.pdf
  11. As many others have said, it all depends on whether or not you are forced to use (pay for) their 'services'. THAT is the fundamental difference. If a corporation forces you to pay for its' 'services', is it still a corporation? Do you get this?
  12. Odd you can't see both Big government & business are are joined at the hip. Neither can survive without the other...........
  13. So you're saying, land is free, but what you build due to your own effort is yours which you are free to defend by all means?
  14. Would you need weapons? I'm with bomberbrown on this.......
  15. How were they going to deliver it?
  16. I think this explains his muddled thinking. David T Breaker is studying Politics, Philosophy & Economics at the University of Essex How much has he (and others) paid for his 'education'?
  17. Perhaps, not accepting truth might be described as a psychological condition?
  18. You're making headway injin, no one has disagreed with what must be a fundamental........ ...yet
  19. Just imagine how much more people could (an would) pay if they could cut out the middle man, as it were.
  20. You don't get it. We have 'legal sanction' ............. it doesn't stop fly tipping............. it can't.
  21. Agree. This would be true 'society'. Where reputation is all. ??
  22. I thought it was, the more you spend the more I 'earn' ......... ...... until you don't.
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