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  1. Just for a minute, imagine trading derivatives was made a capital offence. What would happen to the commodity price? A price rise would be evidence of fractionalisation? Gold is gold is obvious to all. What is, it seems, less obvious to many, is the effect derivatives can (and do) have on the underlying commodity. .......or not?
  2. ....yes and the important thing is....... the banks knew the effect their scam (to create 'all the money') would have.
  3. Truly, an excellent post. Seriously.
  4. So logic might suggest threads are moved in an attempt control the number viewings and therefore affect contributions? Who is to judge, and why? Anyway, a question I'd like to ask our posters from Spain is ......How much do the young (and older) receive from the state by way of benefits? Also housing benefits?
  5. Well I am not too angry at the People per se .....more anger at their ignorance. No, the bankers MUST create inflation..... they know all too well the anxiety it engenders. People see house prices rising and fear for missing out. The bankers know this, created this....and 'capitalised' on it. The perfect system for stealing wealth from the uneducated (or in a minority of cases.....the educated).
  6. Why not.....have you heard future generations complaining yet?
  7. No No......... I heard on the Today prog on R4......the 'money' is mostly coming from Germany......by which I guess Pesto meant German people...although he didn't ask which generation of Germans, he did seem to find it all quite funny....in spite of there being little to laugh at. They really are quite a useless bunch at the Today prog.......guess they have their reasons.
  8. The guy is clearly an 4rse. Most get mortgages these days, for fear of 'being left behind'. Nothing whatever to do with adulthood. Clear reasoned independent thinking is probably a better indicator of 'being grownup' .........Fear of being left behind (left out) is more the act of children (gangs etc.) Mind you...if I was in the property scam, I too would use might use such tactics to keep the whole racket going.
  9. yes, but how do YOU know I (or others) wouldn't? Conversation / debate can (should) take many turns, I'm interested to know why that displeases you?
  10. That was NOT 10 minutes wasted. More like the most useful post of the week, compared with all the others churning out the same old tired arguments. (I've just deleted the rest of what I was going to say .........just in case)
  11. Bullsh1t. You absolutely do not know this. How many have you questioned?
  12. OK, What constitutes a small state, and how would it be kept small. I guess I could accept a system that would coerce 10% of 'GDP' on what is now referred to as public services. Thing is, once you get people to accept coercion is OK, that 10% would become 20% and so on. Coercion is a bit like pregnancy....... you can't have only part of it.
  13. Yes.....well we DO spend hours here anyway.......(even PopGuns posted many thousands here).....it's just the debate seldom (never?) moves on to specifics. Which is a shame, as specifics could demonstrate practically how true freedom could work....... It won't be 'easy'.......But 'easy' is what we have had............ 'til now.......
  14. +1 PopGun's given up. Much to the delight of the politico-bankers.... ........Freedom!!!......long, may it not continue!
  15. OK. so statism ends today. What would happen tomorrow (and 6 months hence)?....... apart from several (thousands) of us applying for tanker drivers work. The most obvious will be fuel drops to 40-50p / litre? Of course if statism ended I / we would be free to drive without insurance ..........which is exactly what huge number are doing now anyway (think £2000 pa car insurance for unemployed 18 year old).
  16. Sorry ....it was John Mayor who came up with this idiotic notion......... which goes to show what a shower of sh7te they all are.
  17. I said a while back, I'd like to apply for a job as a fuel tanker driver. I and many others would be prepared to work for less than the £45k they are said to earn. I'm pretty sure I / we would not be allow to successfully tender for such a job........what 'ism' is preventing a person from offering their services at an honest market rate?
  18. Has a free market ever been tried anywhere??...... you can't really suggest that Afghanistan & Somalia are free though....surely? ...... well you can, of course, if you like
  19. Not convinced this is the whole story. I reckon the banks (together with their political mates) used socialism as a convenient tool to divert technologically produced wealth away from the masses into their own accounts. Workers win 20% more 'money' yielding 20% more real stuff, whereas without the a fore mentioned scam the worker would have won 10% more money yielding 30% more stuff. Imagine that the printing of money had been made a hanging offence, say 50 years ago........avg houses still valued at £400ish??
  20. I'd suggest improvements to the lives of the masses was entirely due to advances in technology, certainly NOT socialism. Any advances were made IN SPITE of socialism, not because of it. ??
  21. Yes. But, is Cambridge the only way he could have acquired his knowledge and / or his thinking ability.
  22. Quite right. The aircraft could not have flown without degree qualified people.... He did not need a degree. This was a time, don't forget, when reputation mattered. The modern education system is the equivalent of fractional reserve banking....... it's became seriously diluted.......and consequently too expensive.
  23. 'cos they'll take what they want.......funny, tho, how honestly boxes work in some areas? (veg at road side)
  24. wonder where he'll 'invest' it......what's the 'guarantee'?.......£80k ish per bank??
  25. Did all the tax raised go to fighting the war?....bet they wished they were able to create 'money' electronically?.....
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