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  1. think that gold train is leaving the station
  2. bloomberg has been going on all afternoon about cftc bill
  3. ireland has rejected the lisbon treaty
  4. this is a must listen between min 4 and min 10 irish vote on lisbon treaty friday if rejected the euro will take a hit and its thought that the dollar could spike which is thought would not be good for gold or of course, it could go the other way results come in soon after 15.30 (14.30 gmt) http://www.tfnn.com/tog/TOG061208.mp3
  5. my guess is that the dollar will have to be devalued
  6. dollar bouncing again on bens bluff cpi tomorrow - bad therefore market believes he must raise rates thus further rallying gold goes down again when it ought to be going up now if there's contraction in money supply which is bullish for dollar (write down vaporization) faster than liquefying efforts, together with bens bluff causes dollar to spike to 75 over coming month(s) then devalues against all other currencies, gold would then go from 820 to 1300 crude oil nearly back to all time high now!! clearly confused
  7. an outstanding buying opportunity So if you are planning on strolling down to the station in August to find the train waiting for you, you may find that it left long ago without you.
  8. sell2rent your right, perhaps wishful thinking and rsi looked like the botom was in at 864
  9. think this must have been it:- ECB : sale of 2,41 tons of Gold last week - ECB's Gold http://www.ecb.int/press/pr/wfs/2008/html/fs080527.en.html e
  10. im interested in how you came to post this "odds-on" was it because its option expiry day!.. ? e
  11. good post i think margin rates should be increased
  12. good stuff on gata not so good on nadler - kitco man plus plenty of ramping here is a link http://goldismoney.info/forums/showthread....66&page=292
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