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  1. i was referring to the angry element who might believe people earning those figures have benefitted and are responsible for the current situation, not that they would benefit from any taxation receipts
  2. negligible in proportion to the debt it's supposed to help pay off. guess it depends on when they calculate the no. of people actually earning 150+, but if on last year's figures i bet there will be a lot less by inception in 2010 (and even less as it gives people a few months to consult on way's around it). add in the admin costs, and i can't imagine it's significant.....probably good for swissair though with all those full flights for people coming back to visit family
  3. or maybe when they get elected, as i'm sure they'll be able to prove what a waste of administrative time and money it is for so little gain
  4. friends through the markets are fine, everyone still employed (even at houses that have been through restructuring), some even looking to recruit, many had good year's with all the volatility last year and this; friends from home, all still employed, 2 have moved house having started families (seeing it as a good time to trade up); other friends from college, all still employed, living life and enjoying the sunshine. in all honesty, most just getting on with their lives, although maybe we haven't seen the worst of it yet....
  5. why is it the right thing to do? it's not going to raise anything meaningful to assist the country, as the majority will simply avoid it or leave
  6. i'd imagine there are a few people on this forum who will applaud the introduction of the 50% tax band in last week's budget. I guess also we're all aware of the various arguments around it being a political gesture, no real relevance in raising tax revenue, likely to drive away entrepreneurs, high contributors etc. In sum, is this really going to help our country? Amongst all the wishes for lower house prices and a recovery from this mess, does anyone honestly believe this is going to have a positive contribution?
  7. anyone have any advice to give on this area? am looking for a garden apartment and want to get a feel for pricing, any tips about the location etc
  8. contango


    surely you can always borrow against it in the not to distant future. am struggling with other places to invest at the moment
  9. well if they're all in london in might have an effect i guess...
  10. to offer the other side to the debate? otherwise everyone might get a little carried away....
  11. contango


    understand your situation....have a similar one myself and have decided to bite the bullet and buy now. same old story in london, not much nice stock about, many people outright owners so not really in that much of a hurry to chase the market, and still alot of people looking at very few places that tick all the boxes. quite disappointing really, but if no real further job losses in the city and this thing stabilises, i think any further falls could be minimal. probably time to get in if you can afford it now and move on with your life
  12. here's some anecdotal evidence from my part of london (hampstead, NW)....same situation as always, very low housing stock, anything half decent coming up is being sold. would've thought that with job losses, lots of corporate lets in this area, places would fall further. however, it seems that there's still a fair few people chasing very few properties. 4 people i work with have just purchased in SW...one sold his flat within one day at asking price (this is Clapham)...so there is movement in the market. Who's buying here? people who made money in the previous few years and squirreled it away, cash buyers, people trying to upgrade from flats to houses which seldom come to market
  13. so i bought a new car 2 weeks ago....shall i flip it and take cash?
  14. interesting many on this forum argued we would follow the states into a debt-addled abiss a few months ago.....which was true of course. however, i guess we'll be missing this parallel with the states....
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