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  1. I am from North Lanarkshire. My mrs is an English teacher at an NLC school. These job cuts are targetted at dinner ladies, school technicians etc. I doubt we will see a big reduction in management. However, a few points.... 1. Scottish schools have FAR FAR fewer management posts than English schools. A High School with 1100 pupils may only have 9 people in a management position. HT, 2 DHT, 5 Heads of Faculty, 1 Head of Pupil Support and 85teachers. 2. Teaching is a stressful job. I sometimes want to go and wait at the school gates to have words with some of the little Chavs for the things
  2. Well Bob, it is not a job I would ever do so cannot make any comment on the salary. My Mrs is not paying into the pension due to student loans. Not sure of her future plans
  3. My Mrs is a teacher. Works hard. Has a class full of kids from Poland and various other countries. Constantly under pressure to get pupils through exams. People do not realise that some schools are slipping because 25% + of pupils dont speak English! No wonder exam results are going down
  4. The Mrs and I are still saving away but I think that we might end up biting soon-ish. I would happily wait it out but I reckon that we will buy within the next 12 months.
  5. My Mrs is a teacher in a really sh*t Glasgow secondary school. She is 25 and has accepted that she will get no pension when she gets to retire. She loves the job as there are lots of good kids. But when a teenage boy drops his trousers, walks to the front of the class and invites you to "suck my c**k" and escapes with a referral to some toothless panel, you realise it is a job that you probably dont want to be doing when you are well into your 60s. It may not be physically hard work but it does seem to drain them mentally and they do work long hours. (i can never get a 'cuddle' as she sits u
  6. ........oh and it was also part of the break-up acquisition of ABN.
  7. Well Santander have bought up pretty much everything that moved in the UK banking sector over the past few years... Abbey National since 2004 Bradford and Bingley assets since 2008 Alliance and Leicester since 2008 GE Capital Bank assets since 2009 RBS assets since 2010 .... it is also the second largest bank in terms of mortgages held.
  8. Parents were told by the local Remax that they did not negotiate their rates. my father thanked them for their time and ended the discussion. They were on the phone within 24hours with a Special Offer. Also are you comfortable and flexible regarding viewings. You will probably end up doing the viewings and I would find this tricky with my hours of work.
  9. I am thinking of buying some more Shell. Has saw me well thus far.
  10. I really have heard it all now!! Denial. Desperation. Dole queue. The three Ds of the modern estate agent.
  11. EA adverts seem to make a big deal of £x thousand under the home report value. This suggests to me that they are pretty meaningless and go out of date quickly. When interested in a property, historical data is the only thing that really bothers me with regards to considering a "fair" price.
  12. I have enjoyed looking at http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices-in-my-area.html for my target postcodes. I am unsure how long the EAs can survive on such low volumes. The 7year comparison is particularly interesting.
  13. The details are just too vague to make any real comment. The calculation could be based on a 60%LTV and I doubt the average buyer has that sort of cash sitting around. More VI spin methinks. Also the VI and sheep rarely consider the true cost of buying/owning a property.
  14. I have just woke the Mrs up. Look at that you doubting BEEP!!!!! -3.6%
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