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  1. Got relatives who have had an increase of £300 per month on their mortgage payment, this is rubbish. Reposessions are coming.
  2. Thanks for the sound advice guys. Am going to sit tight for the next few months and then keep our eyes peeled for a better place.
  3. Just thought i'd mention that the number of for sale signs has shot up in my area (east dorset) in the past couple of weeks, don't drive down a road now without seeing atleast a few signs up. Not much of a talking point I know but thought it worth a mention.
  4. I have never taken an interest in economics until recently, could someone please explain what the pitfalls of this action would be ? I have heard people discussing inflation being a downside to slashing interest rates, what exactly in laymans terms does that mean ? force up the price of goods for us ? Thankyou
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone would be able to give me some advice on a renting issue please. Moved into 2 bed terrace, signed 6 month rental contract with EA's. As soon as we started living in propert it became apparent that the windows were inadequate both in terms of noise protection and draught prevention. There's a carpark right outside the front of the house and get woken up at 5am each day with people starting cars. The wooden frames on the windows are rotten and extremely draughty, we have a 14 month old daughter so this is a concern for us. I wrote to the estate agents, they wrote to the landlord, landlord wrote saying he plans to put double glazing in at some point but not in the short term as he can't afford to. Noticed today there is a 2 bed semi, with double glazing just 100metres away, up for long term rent for just an extra £25 a month ontop of what we're paying now, gutted. We have 4 months left on our contract at the current place. Any suggestions on whether we would be able to leave the property early without losing our deposit ? trouble with renting is I gurantee when the contracts up in 4 months there won't be any other decent properties available.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Sorry for the newbie question, but does VI = vested interest ??
  7. Hello New here, just found the forum yesterday. I'm 25 from Dorset, an IT professional with a partner and a 14 month old daugher. An average 2 bedroom mid terrace house here is approx 7.2 times my salary, so we are renting and trying to save as much as we can but can't ever see us being able to afford a place of our own. Joined here to help learn whats best for mine and my families futures.
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