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  1. The Yen should rise with carry trade unwinding.
  2. These are just glorified student flats and the Edinburgh Hospital Development ones are even more ridiculous. For the one in Edinburgh my brother tried to interest me investing in this a couple years back through some developer.
  3. What was your job. Amazing that you have net worth of 500k after the market tanked and you only earning 70k a year (what is that 4k a month after tax) for the last 8 years and you are only 32 years old. I know you are Harry Potter you must be; or is it Adrian Mole.
  4. House inflation has nothing to to do with what people think they will leave behind. Logically houses should rise with inflation. The bubble we have seen has been caused by the availability of cheap lending feeding greed. Reduce the tax burden more capital will be available for this people will spend to their limit. By your argument you are saying enterprise for people to amass large amounts of wealth during their lives would stop because of inheritance tax, twaddle.
  5. That will just cause rampant house inflation. QED a zero sum game and the law of nature is not about sustainability.
  6. Reading your other posts on this thread furious seems to be a common state for you to be in. It is better that you try some encouragement and positive reinforcement with your "step" daughter to help her develop her future. Also your abject and violent denial for girl's current values after being her father for the last 16 years indicate something lacking in the relationship.
  7. And what is an 18 year or 19 year old worth, they have no experience and require alot of training. I am shocked that they can be paid as much as 300 pounds a week. The opportunity today is no more bleak that it was in 1980 or most other times.
  8. Complete make believe I suspect, but who cares a happy ending.
  9. Maybe I am not as notrich as thought that is a very nice place for 150k, it seems quite an afforable home.
  10. Go stay with 2 bob bubb. I never understand what causes people to come on a website of total strangers and boast about their financial acumen a bit off topic as well.
  11. Just off the phone from a rather irritating call with my brother his claim is that Edinburgh city centre has never gone down due the fact that it is old sandstone in finite area. Anybody got any views or evidence on the state of Edinburgh city centre property past and present, Financial Planner what do you think.
  12. Yes please I can't watch via BBC ipod as I am not in UK.
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