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  1. Because television is the new "soma", and the authorities cannot understand that someone might be able to live a happy and fulfilled life without it. The expectation therefore is that you must be in possession of a TV or like device. Incidentally can you imagine the civil disturbance that would occur if the masses were not being entertained by TV and were outside on the streets instead?
  2. Heard a lady on Radio 5 today listing a number of negative economic indicators. Amongst these was, quote "a slowdown in the rate of house price growth" I nearly crashed the car I was laughing so much, then I got irritated as it was allowed to pass unchallenged by the presenter.
  3. Dump it in space from our fusion powered earth orbiters, might not be PC but we'll take a long time to run out of "Spacefill"
  4. How dare she refer to her constituents as "scum". My dictionary describes scum as "a worthless or contemptible...group of people". These people are no such thing! They have performed a valuable social service by demonstrating to a member of parliament the danger inherent in taking exercise outside of the home. These unfortunate lads have probably suffered from a lack of appropriate parenting (of either gender) and are living in social housing with only the tax credit system to provide them with the necessary luxuries nowadays expected in life. I find it disgusting that a member of the tax and spend Labour Party should display such a lack of "inclusiveness" in her comments. These constituents were only doing their best to assist with Nulabour's policy of wealth distribution. IMHO she should lose the party whip.
  5. About 50 houses in my road (Tonbridge kent) 1 currently up for sale @ 230k, was previously SSTC 2 months ago 1 placed on market @ 237K but now removed Last sold price 210K in March 2007 Anecdotally very few reductions visible on rightmove, but new listings in this area appear to be priced more keenly!
  6. This is a logical extension of their original purpose (more taxation under the green mantra). The alleged benefit is to speed up property transactions by providing more timely info to the buyers. As such it should be a private matter between buyer and seller. Notice though that the info is appearing on many property descriptions listed on rightmove. This is then a matter of public record and is probably being collated by government at this moment. Once sufficient data is collected councils will be able to proceed to a new valuation basis whilst extracting more revenue from hard pressed local taxpayers. Oh it's wonderful helping to save the planet!!!
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