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  1. Very few use Swedish derogation because Swedish derogation contracts actually require you to pay the worker for at least 4 weeks AFTER the work has run out and at an average of the previous 12 weeks earnings and before you accuse me again of spouting utter rubbish I work in the industry very closely with the GLA. The zero hours contract is used because the agencies expect the worker to bugger off and breech the contract after a couple of weeks without work thus getting them off the hook for any obligations due under the AWR
  2. The vast majority of these contracts/workers are used in the food industry producing horse meat lasagne etc. outlaw these contracts and you can expect to see a 50% increase in in food costs in ready meals/processed foods in supermarkets- not necessarily a bad thing but an unintended consequence
  3. I've just upsized - sold my place at 14% down on estate agents valuation but I'm still happy cos the place we've bought is 16% down on its origonal price. Dont think the neighbours like me tho - their place is still on at 50k more than I sold at.
  4. P.S. Dont let the negatve equity in the near future bother you too much - if my new place drops 20% in the next year it will only take 6 years of inflation at 4% to get back to the price I paid (or devalue the savings I had)
  5. We origonally viewed in July last year and offered 675,000 the offer was refused but we decided to put ours up anyway and let them stew while looking around at similar. We were valued at 370 but after I said I wanted it priced to sell not to sit around it was put on at 350,000. The vendor came back to us at the end of December wanting to deal, we said no good unless there was a further drop as ours wasnt moving and we would need to drop our price to get things moving(despite our instruction of price it to sell). Anyway they offered 625,000 and our house went almost immediatly with its new price tag.
  6. Well if its any help we should be moving in the next few weeks, contracts exchanging nxt wk hopefully. The place we are buying is climbed down by 20% ish (£795,000 valued sold @ £625,000) and we are selling ours with 15% knocked off (£350,000 valued £300,000 sold).
  7. It'll get interesting if the deal between Sinopec and Repsol goes through - cant see Kirchner appropriating Chinese assets somehow
  8. A couple of decent sized ads set me back £500 to £1000 nowadays and may not even get one decent applicant, worse still I'm flooded with everyman and his dog who think their CV matches my job spec (it doesn't) 2 days reading CV's followed by a week of interviews versus 1 phone call and one interview and a 3k fee and if they cant find anyone(happens sometimes) then I dont have to pay them Admitedly there were several agencies along the way who seemed to think sending every CV they had was the way to do business but they dont get called anymore.
  9. One thing I still dont understand about all this though. Thanks to fractional reserve banking the bank lends out 10 times the money it actually has so in theory 90% of the banks loans could go bad and it still wont of lost a penny of real money??. And better still it will have swapped ficticious money for real assets as part of the process.???
  10. I dont suppose you're still recording this data? If you are I'd appreciate an update - thanks
  11. The supermarkets pay between £11 and £13 pounds an hour to the agencies take 60 days credit - they know the fiddles that go on they just want a firewall between them and the bad publicity.
  12. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/8917818/Price-hikes-top-list-of-voters-concerns-poll.html "Increases in the cost of living are seen as a more serious problem than Britain's deficit, the crisis gripping the eurozone and job insecurity, according to the survey commissioned by Lord Ashcroft, the former deputy Conservative chairman." Will politicians keep trying to inflate the debt away or will the threat of losing votes be ehough to start an upward trend in interest rates to at least appear to try to control inflation Edited to appease spelling police.
  13. Found this on Youtube and wondered a) does the ESM really say all this and b)how much support is there in germany for rebellion?
  14. Assuming that the average wage is to pay for an average person living an average life these figures are way off the mark. A. Accomodation (Renting a nice 2 bed flat not in London) £750 per month B. Bills( By halfing mine for a 4 bed place in the south with kids) £250 per month C. Car (Brand new Peugot 207 on lease, £600 budget for insurance and assuming no major commuting) £330 per month D. Food and clothing - I'll go with your £200 - seems reasonable £200 per month E. Savings / Disposable income - again your figure while optimistic is not unreasonable £500 per month Total needed would be nearer £30k. And it would be very easy to trim that budget further. Thats not to say that living in the the UK is cheap but this attitude you seem to have or want to justify, that its not worth your while stacking shelves for less than 52k takes a worthwhile discussion off into troll territory
  15. I'm embarrassed to admit my wife suffers badly from this - while looking at property (we're upsizing) she wants to slice 20% off, with some justifacation in most cases. But when it comes to the price we're selling for she started by trying to push the Estate agents price up by 20k( I won that argument just) But now after 3 months of minimal interest we're arguing again over the idea that we should drop the price to get things moving.
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