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  1. My daughter has been served notice on the flat that she is renting with her partner. It is a large six bedroom property converted into flats (three floors with two flats on each floor). The Land Lord has just written to her stating that he intends to hold her liable for all the costs involved in replacing the matting and carpets in the communal hallway areas that have been damaged by her dog. The Land Lord agreed to them owning a dog but insisted on a double deposit (fair enough). To the best of our knowledge the dog has not damaged the carpets or mats in any way and if I remember correctly the carpets in the communal areas were well past their best when she moved in 12 months ago. My question is: Is the Land Lord within his rights to do this? It was my understanding that the cost (or value) of the carpet should be discounted by 10 % per year and that the tenant could only be charged for the 'actual' square metre’s that are damaged? That is of course assuming that she or her dog are in any way responsible for any damage caused, as opposed to it simply being wear and tear. I should point out that my daughter is a first rate tenant (yes yes I know we all say that) but the flat really is kept in immaculate condition. And the Land Lord has a history of retaining deposits. However her deposit is protected by the deposit protection scheme. Thanks in advance for any replies, Kind regards, Mark
  2. I've had many a good night out on Union Street, admittedly some of them were more leery and violent than others!!! As for living on the doorstep of Union Street...I think I will pass on that one!!
  3. Absolutely not why should I, I understand the rules of the game
  4. We sure do, I suspect most of us will find a juicy repo coming up in the next 24 months or so if we really must buy. Personally I much rather my LL takes all the risk right now
  5. I watched one of his video's on utube, after which I wanted to top myself! The one that went "The STR's bla bla bla"
  6. You should point out to your LL that they are very lucky to have a tenant who pays on time and looks after the property like it is their own, remind her that plenty don't. Explain that if they continue to treat you badly you may be forced to move on & even a one month void will wipe out any gains that they think they will make by increasing the rent. My advice is to hang in there you never know you may be able to buy the place off her for a song, now how nice would that be!
  7. Thanks for that I just spat Shepards pie at my monitor
  8. If the scenario you are talking about comes to light then your savings will be the last of your worries! And besides in this post apocalyptic world I suspect that the price of a house will be somewhere in the region of two for a pound! ;O))
  9. You are in deed absolutely correct, the only fly in the ointment being that the currrent downward direction will have to come to a halt first before it can change direction. In around 2-3 years time
  10. Outraged, I will pay an extra £100 on a Focus 1.8. And that is without factoring in any additional depreciation come resale time. Sorry Gordon I am sure you have some difficult decisions to make but you have just secured one less voter come election time, in fact to be honest I would go as far as say that this will cost you your job at the next election
  11. 157. Gentle slow downs and soft landings were anything but!!
  12. Confirmed today at Lloyds TSB when I opened mine!
  13. Just back from opening mine, lovely lady there told be product was going to be pulled 12/04/2008!
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