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  1. Is right Fred! but you do look a lookalike for Jimmy Saville
  2. TUPE is totally irrelevant , if you"re gonna live for more than 6, or 12, or (in the end they will get you!), 18 months! - They are asset strippers and nothing more than that, other than very good at what they do! They will restructure all of the acquired offices obviously, (rented ones go first - which I suppose is most of them, unless some of the newly acquired ones are better than the shite that they already got), then keep on the best locations, re-branded under their already asset stripped firms and then work on how to get rid of the superfluous (is that really a word?) people that they"ve become encumbered with! - How many management consultants, management accountants, management this that and the other, all with admin backup, - and nice lunches!, whilst watching their share acquisitions on blackbird, or whatever, will all make a short term living out of that - until of course, it becomes their turn? Regards Kev (TUPIED twice)
  3. Hi - anyone got any sensible views as to the current number of empty apartments in city centre Liverpool and Manchester? Im aware that there's a fair few out there - whats the future for them? Anyone think that as we've lost all the council houses (sorry, social housing), that steps should be taken for the Government to take them all in and turn them into the new social housing? I'm fairly new and so may have made some daft posts before now - so sorry if I'm totally mad Regards k
  4. Why cant they stay at home and video conference via the pc's and computer links already provided to them? - they'd all have to 'attend' daily then and it could even be televised!
  5. Mr. Wolff sighed, and after taking a deep breath .... said `cant i interest you in this repo instead. the lenders are so very keen to achieve a speedy transaction and already gave the epc`s in place....
  6. yeah, tenants might be well happy with their deal and may or may not be payin the rent but so what? when did the owner buy it and is it in a cpo? - coz poss the guys only entitled to site value less demo costs - if so hed do well to get anywhere near the 5k - caveat emptor!
  7. hey thats totally real man, we like that entirely! - the crash has split me into two people sometimes! (firstish post we think), what youze need to do next time is just touch the footbrake and make them think your slowing, but really your not and that gets them really madder!
  8. hello, ive been watchin this site for ages and its great. from a property background, but like many others, been made redundant, which isnt great. anyway im crap at talking about me - which is prob why i cant even get a minimum wage job right now, so in between checkin hpc and watchin jtv movies, well hi anyway. - kev
  9. this is mad at 3.12 am but theres a way around this. some councils have enveloped their prc's to a good standard, but not in accordance with the criteria necessary for the prc guarantees, purposely so as to reduce the oppertunity for Right to Buy, and thereby retain the L/A housing stock.! whats needed is a structural engineers report on the property, which can the be offered to an insurance company, in order to obtain a guarantee effective or equal to the prc repair guarantee. once u got that then it should be equivalent to the prc guarantee and the property should be mortgagable, at least to a wider range of lenders than that which you have come across. i suggest you take opinion on these lines from a structural engineer out of the phone book. good luck
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