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  1. doesnt look like einstien really. i thought it was that suicide quicktime clip from the net where that man shoots himself in the mouth........"bob no !!" BLAM..!!
  2. i dont know anywhere that hasnt gone overpriced in the last 2-3 years. prices seemed ok as late as 2001. and then they just went up and up. i think they almost tripled in nw and mids but wages stayed the same. i remember grimethorpe the old barnsley pit town. once there were jobs and prices were medium. now there are no jobs and local houses have gone up as the town heads downhill. i dont get the logic. the pit is flat. gone. where do people get the income from and why does grimethorpe triple in price ? nothing makes any sense.
  3. duh..when you ask a generation to stump up 5 times the going rate for housing, what did people expect to happen. ?
  4. why does your einstein avitar have blood running from his nose ?
  5. things are dif now BL. the prices are out of sync with earnings to the tune of 8.6x wage
  6. thats what i dont get. its ******. and what about oxo cubes. surely this should be spelt. 'Hocks Hoe'
  7. do you mean ploughman ? btw: is that the suicidal gun 2 mouth usa governor on your avitar ? i just got it..!! thats sick... i agree the older generation are robbing the younger. they moosed all the housing up and sold it back to us at twice the price. there a tricky lot fresh from 80s share dealing etc. remember they coined the phrase "breakfasts for wimps" so there not bothered about kicking your wallet about like a harry hill collar binge drinker fighting fridays in a kebab shop. this fuels their ronnie biggs lifestyles. jetting off on BOAC to malta, PAN AM to yonkers or just plain sm
  8. everythings roughly doubled in 2 yrs. its madness, but its all about to come crashing down. i feel sorry for anybody whos bought into this over the last 12 months or so. esp ftbs. totally ripped off for life. what a start.
  9. have i stumbled on the script for some halifax building society regional sales managers monday morning role play ?
  10. they look awful. they might be ok if you drown them in vinegar. and didnt look at them.
  11. this is my only concern also. still. i wont be any worse off than i am currently.
  12. my fingers work all week long on a kb and all weekend as lead air guitar for saxon. its their weekend too you know. even fingers get too last for the shift and in my dimly lit sinister 'nest' i can not really the the punc keys on the lower right clearly. hence frequent hoax calls to the grammar police. y'know you get could fined for wasting the grammar polices time. they have better things to look at such as ad copy, scramble, court orders and crosswords to be trailing the very "lengf and bredf of this coundree" looking for phonic felons.
  13. sorry i get slightly confused with all this doubling 50%-100% stuff. im putting in 5k bites and getting back @ 10k. only 50% of that 10k is profit. dont forget to take your original 50% outlay out of the amount. though im doubling my money which i suppose your right is 100%. http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=GOOG&t=6m http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=BA.L&t=5y http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=RHAT&t=my&l=on&z=m&q=l&c= in reverse purchase order.
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