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  1. Only if our betters stop trying to tax energy and energy use so heavily. I expect the government will exploit any fall in wholesale gas prices by using taxes to ensure household bills continue to rise (to encourage us to use less). Successful recovery of shale gas = big source of revenue for the government.
  2. Scientists can easily fool themselves with confirmation bias. They can also be fooled if the topic is outside of their expertise if the con presents evidence that is superficially sound but not true. An analytical mind is no less susceptible to being tricked but the reason for it is different.
  3. If the device is making use of some previously undocumented low energy nuclear reaction then it isn't a free-energy device and should have no problem being patented.
  4. Lukewarm warnings, yes. BBC 2004: House prices may fall, says King EDIT: From the Guardian itself: Mervyn King delivers some home truths
  5. As well as manufacturing output recovering there are two other things that happened. Firstly individual productivity increased as output rose while numbers employed in manufacturing fell. The second and much more important thing is that businesses and industries which were uncompetitive made themselves more competitive or left the economy and were replaced with people making things people wanted.(Coal mines out, Japanese car factories in, as an example) Just looking at manufacturing output as a whole doesn't tell the entire story.
  6. I agree with that idea. People should put their money were their mouth is. I think Cameron's message is sending the wrong signal about why these changes are not bad. He's talking about people holding up developments after planning has been passed should be more limited in their options. He'd be much better telling people that it is in *their* interests to take note of planning applications for their area so they can provide input *before* the planning decision is made. Too many houses? Say so. Roofline too high? Say so. etc. Planning departments won't necessarily agree with you but they can't know of concerns if we don't tell them. All too often a planning application ticks all the boxes, meets all the requirements and gets approved and only then do people start kicking up a fuss. We've got to stop outsourcing taking part in society and limiting the post-decision options is one way of nudging us in that direction. With a cable would come a small rent but also an easement allowing the utility company a right to access it for maintenance. I don't think it is unreasonable for a person to not want the latter.
  7. If you proclaim to have abolished boom and bust would that make any deficit structural?
  8. Krugman rightly points out that government borrowing and spending redistributes money rather than making the nation as a whole poorer. That's why the people who are worried about the debt burden are concerned not about 'future generations' as such but about future generations *of taxpayers*. That subset of society *will* be made poorer to pay for the unfunded promises of today.
  9. On what planet have we had price stability? The basket of goods for CPI purposes is always being fiddled with. And if you target a fiddled metric that excludes a major component of the economy (house prices) the economy *will always* shift in that direction because you aren't setting rates to deal with the whole of the economy.
  10. This is just a variation on a theme of dimwitted politicians meddling in our lives and employments. If businesses and employees thought such a setup was beneficial they would already do it as it amounts to the 'employees' being personal services companies and shareholders. I'm struggling to think who could have lobbied for this or if it was plucked from the government's own ****. Could it be a means to prevent an avalanche of workers setting themselves up as personal services companies and paying less tax? Or is it a sly means to try and tempt people presently working as a personal services company to become employed? There is a steady trickle of stories in the papers about the BBC, Public Sector and Civil Servants doing it so maybe they fear the practice percolating down to the rest of us.
  11. Not for no real reason. To fiddle unemployment figures and to improve the UK position in OECD league tables, and it didn't even work.
  12. May: Mysterious hole appears near homes in Newburn News video here. June: Newburn residents' fury after flooding wrecks homes 3rd July: Newburn families flooded for a second time + flood VIDEO 13th July: Newcastle residents evacuated in flood scare + VIDEO Maybe filling in the sink hole blocked the culvert.
  13. Which part of the deal was a scam? It's not a scam to pay over the odds for something. It's not a scam to sign up to a bad contract. I would hope that media stories about rip-off merchants supplying a naive or disinterested public sector made it hard for DTS and LTM to get new schools to sign up, which in turn made their business relationship with Clydesdale Bank untenable. Doesn't look like scamming to me, just bad decisions all round and the bank taking a hit in their pocket rather than generate bad pr exercising the contracts to their fullest.
  14. Welwyn Hatfield council have budgeted for this sale raising £2.4million.(pdf, look at page 19) They have also budgeted for the sale of other properties this year and more flats in a few of years time.
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