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  1. Another must watch Edit: Updated Link
  2. Yep I heard him say that too. Out of both sides of his mouth as well
  3. I really hope they get in. Its only then people will wake up to the fact that Labour should NEVER be trusted with the nations finances and that the blue lot want to keep the status quo. Its growth from the ashes of UK PLC once Liebour bust the country that this country can be great again.
  4. Note the change in redundancy terms from 4 weeks per year reduced to 2 week year ..
  5. The elephant in the room has grown so big.. it is the room http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/conservative/9962079/Iain-Duncan-Smith-weve-given-up-trying-to-cut-benefits.html
  6. Yep. When they said they would do whatever it takes, this is what they ment! Using the tax payers balance sheet to keep housing prices high jeeez
  7. Bought a Endowment policy from a spiv financial adviser in 1984. Apparently he said he could magic my £50 month to Standard Life into a minimum of £40,000 with a high expectation it payout more than that. My situation is summed up by one of the comments Fast forward to today, payout due in May projected £26,072.15 :angry: Glad I pulled that black and yellow handle between my legs and Sold to Rent in 2007
  8. Nick Clegg has been proven to be totally irrelevant politically . He and his party will be wiped off the face of the land at the next election. Nothing to see here .. move along ..
  9. The discredited institution list had another notable entry yesterday Police Banks Newspapers Politicians Education -> NHS (Stafford hospitable report) Have I missed any? It started with the financial crisis but little by little the fabric of institutions once considered the bastions of our society are falling apart
  10. venezuela repatriating their gold now the Bundesbank asking uncle sam to check its holdings. What makes me fink that we is close to the booyakasha moment .. init
  11. WOW. the Bank of England were in pole position from 2008.. We is fooked I tell ye
  12. Just posted this in the charts section of the site. You would think a country with minimal space to build houses would force prices up eh? I ain't taking about blighty, think again ..... look what happened in Japan after their boom and bust http://www.zerohedge.com/news/housing-recovery-lessons-japan-one-chart BTW: Population of Tokyo - 8,731,000 (2008) Population of London - 8,174,100 (2011)
  13. Housing Recovery Lessons From Japan (In One Chart) http://www.zerohedge.com/news/housing-recovery-lessons-japan-one-chart
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