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  1. I'm back and it's gone up 10k again, straight into the coffers, wham bam thankyou mam. there's a bunch of bankers sat shorting it in my sister's office, they're on top of the trade apparently. Love these moments you only get a few in life.
  2. Late, when it was $2. I didn't see the compression technology then, neither did anyone else. Lots of people still think sending 1gb takes 1gb of throughput, but it's being proven wrong now, via data world theory ( ie. expansion of data to collapse data.) and the big shorts have got this one wrong. Stand aside.
  3. It's always a gamble but it's more of a gamble if you miss a Bitcoin bubble completely ie. $0.05 to $20000 now it's seeming like people are looking at the capital which is exactly what Satoshi wanted. $400000 is reasonable in a year. I timed it right this time but I failed to update my posts.
  4. I should add, nobody knows if GMO is responsible for these virus, and nobody cares. Remember that somebody said "think twice about GMO", here on HPC. I'd like to be the first.
  5. Fruit, some measures to stop the price of fruit. More GMO ain't gonna do it. Best investment right now is a fruit tree.
  6. One thing for sure, I won't be spending time queueing up in a supermarket car park. Kicked me in the head more than anything that did. What life is like when society starts to fail, and the picture it paints in your head, is quite bewildering. Food = Figured out how to have food for these pandemics now, low storage cost. Can't tell the secret but it's pretty obvious to many now. Warmth = small room, stove fire. Don't rely on gas or you'll be done. Get a hole in the wall and a piece of pipe and you're set. Shelter = dig a hole on a hill and make sure the rain goes around it. That's before it gets all apocalyptic and people start raiding farms and estates.
  7. It's theft by any name you want to give it... Let's see how much QE theft they can do before they have to say "we fess up... the money's gone and we need yours..." ...
  8. ? I just re-read that and realised you don't understand QE at all because that's exactly what it DOES do, and a haircut is a lot more honest [ if it were *sigh* ... to happen ] ... ? meh nominal, pointless statement...
  9. ? I knew this post was coming because everybody's waiting for the QE announcement everywhere and they think it will solve all their problems but everybody I know [ with money ] is sh1tting themselves anyway. How do you explain that?
  10. Is this the same Scotland that killed that Mormont guy from Game of Thrones and any respect you had for the show, or them, by pasting him on every shop front for Bank of Scotland like corporatism wasn't already necrosis on culture.
  11. Don't know. Just hear rumours. But apparently to speak of rumours is fear-mongering. The money was expected to be there ( productivity ) and now it's not. It doesn't seem like anybody has considered the whole thing is a pyramid scheme in the first place. Some of us older folk know how they topple.
  12. Precursor to a haircut on savings, pretty obvious procession of events, nobody believes it yet though.
  13. It's not. Because they need an excuse and a virus is an excuse. It's better to have some savings in physical goods now with Ebola and Corona Virus it's obvious we're not protected from this kind of thing and it's idealistic to consider there's no third wave.
  14. Gold's looking good now. You can't use Bitcoin in a crisis. The status quo is defending itself against cryptocurrency. Gold is a good move until VISA get's replaced and the only way to do it is with the data theory and everybody is stuck in quantum physics. SEND [strategy] + [system] vs SEND data This is the start of a new branch of science that explores all things as data and all data as life.
  15. It's not. That's the dumbest thing I've heard you say. It's not safe and haircuts are incoming, don't say you weren't warned.
  16. Are you f*9king kidding me? This is why I keep these things to myself.
  17. It's good for cyclists, if you go for a walk you'll see it. Apparently it adds 20% to muscle fibres.
  18. Banks are drawing up plans - watch out cause it's just drawing up but they're drawing up plans to do an international haircut in response to international crisis like pandemics and the draft. It's less than 1% at the moment but it's because they need to back the QE with established funds. They're trying to stave off a run *up* in markets, believe it or not.
  19. It's going to pass to everybody one way or another, look at the numbers. People are living in a dream world and this isn't going to end well, the longer the virus is left around on stuff and finding new victims the more time it has to mutate and adapt. It's a slow trickle now, but we can watch the numbers whilst the economy is being sticky taped.
  20. I just got word it's not just QE, it's a haircut. And it will apply to everyone in G20. Sh#t's going down.
  21. If you have lost any service due to disruption, call VISA and get your money back. Don't screw around trying to talk to closed companies. That's 3 now for me. A society of scroungers ... not common folk but the businesses.
  22. You can expect this kind of sensible question in the Bitcoin topic but most people feel secure when they go for a ghostly drive and see the local police van ready to react. It's living in a dream world to not have stocked up on literally freaking everything physical and to never go back to 100% digital again and it's exactly why we need to keep our physical coins and barter and not get assimilated onto a microchip.
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