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  1. True but these parts of London have the benefit of being very close the booming City with the high incomes that it is producing. Obviously, Bournemouth's economy is nothing like this. The prices of these appartments, or Sandbanks in Poole are driven by money from outsdie the area, be it investors or second home owners. The theory goes that if property prices fall or crash, elsewhere; up and coming areas with the high proportion of investors & second home owners get hit the hardest - as we are current seeing starting to happen in Spain. If I were to buy a pad in the area, I would look to
  2. I saw this article today which gave me a laugh: http://www.thisisdorset.net/news/tidnews/d...t_sandbanks.php See if you can guess what the key phrase is?!! No local in their right mind would pay £500k never mind a million on a flat in Boscombe. I used to live there and amazingly mamaged to escape without a durg habit, criminal record or a Scouse accent!!!
  3. Hi Deano, First a big thanks for all your informative posts over the last year - I think we both agree that Soton will tank at some point - the question is when. As usual I did my anual xmas shopping at the last minute (saturday) with a quick trip on the train to Southampton. I made a couple of observations: 1) Walking down the hight street was like taking a stroll in downtown Krakow the amount of Polish I heard. These were not single guys, but relatively young couples. There were all looking pretty grumpy, stressed and skint - but then ar'nt we all at xmas! 2) The shops were busy but no w
  4. But would we be in a better position if all the immigrants went home and the 5.1m Brits reported to be living abroad returned home? I doubt it to be honest - certainly inflation would shoot up and interest rates with it. So if you want a HPC, this would be a good idea.
  5. Cheers, Deano. As I said, the flat is for my lodger and I need the spare room back! At the end of the day, he may lose money on it or at least take a long time to get his money back. But he has a secure job so he will live to fight another day!
  6. Deano, This is the place: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-731...=1&tr_t=buy
  7. Deano, My lodger has decided to buy a flat in central southampton. See my post on PMT: http://boards.fool.co.uk/Message.asp?mid=10275624 I believe it is the Orchard Place development. Know anything about it?
  8. luxurary apartments / boscombe pier There's any oxymoron if ever I have seen one! Perhaps these are flats for your up and coming crack dealer!
  9. Scruffy, New Milton is slightly outside my patch (Brockenhurst) however I am obviously near to it. Furthermore, one of the lads in my footie team is an EA in New Milton and fills me in with the market news. Basically according to him (and he is a rare honest EA) he is still very busy (albeit as the area is so full of OAPs, this leads to a relatively high turnover in properties). However he also told me that he is increasingly having to attend repossessions which he does not like doing as its a waste of his time. Basically, as I see the market it is still ticking over - competitively priced
  10. Chaps, I think we should get some things in perspective. Sure this country has got problems, we we are all priveledged to live in one of the richest countries in the world. No child in the UK need go hungry or uneducated, and no person need go without a roof over their head. Compared with pictures we seen on television of the starving in Mali/Sudan or the human rights abuses in Burma etc, our problems are utterly insignficant. I would even go a little further and add that not only are we relatively rich and have a long established liberal democracy, but Britain is the second most beaut
  11. penbat1, I agree that prices are holding up quite well at present. However, the danger is in the pipeline. For example, a simple analysis of BH23 on Nethouseprices of the number of transactions for May 2005 compared with May 2004 shows just 30 sales in May 2005 against 115 for the previous May. i.e. sales are down by a massive 75%!!! This statistic combined with the 30% odd increase in the number of properties for sale, can only in the medium term lead to one result. If such a shift in supply/demand were to happen in the stock market, the prices woud of course change instantly. However, the
  12. Some of the "foreign" investors buying property in London are not too concerned whether they make a capital loss. More than happy to re-mortgage them and get whatever rents they can. I am sure you can work why this is the case!!!!
  13. hmm south norwood..... 10 years ago I recived a totally undeserved good kicking at the railway station - had to jump on a moving train to escape. I wonder if it is any better these days, or they now use knives rather than fists & boots?
  14. It took the axons and the Normans many hundreds of years to finally capture and subdue all of Cornwall. It then took the English from the Elizabethans to the Victorians hundreds more years to destroy its language and much of its unique cultural identity. It has now taken the equity release crusaders less than a decade to sucessfully capture the freehold of most of Cornwall!
  15. A number of people have asked me about my "fruit machine beating secrets"!!! that I used to sell. I think they are all missing the point!! If I knew a genuine guaranteed way to beat the machines I would not tell anyone. Like the BTL "property millionaire" seminars, my training was a bit of a scam, albeit a prefectly legal one. Like the BTL training, the information I provided may have once worked, or may work in certain circumstances, but there are no guarantees! My point is to prove that there are always "suckers" out there to be lured with the next offer of something for nothing. As ever
  16. £150m?????? They will be lucky to get £50m..........even so, better than a poke in eye with a sharp stick!! Good luck to them i say - wish I'd thought of it!! I wonder what the next great legal scam idea will be? Willing to go 50/50 with anyone with good ideas!!! ps I once wrote a book on how to beat fruit machines. Unfortunately, it did not become a national obsession like BTL but it did make me a few grand for a couple of hours work!!
  17. Could'nt agree more......... Bournemouth was very much the epicentre of the last south coast HPC and this time will be no different if not worse. Making things worse this time is all the trendy "clubbing capital" stuff - this of course has no real substance and already the boom has turned into a morass of pub aggro, kebab wrappers and pavement pizzas!!
  18. ...but as with all markets, timing is crucial. I bought Biofuels at 68p and sold at £1.10 thinking they had peaked. Doh!!! Never mind, as Rothchild said, "Never be afraid to take a profit"
  19. I suppose another way of looking at it in these crazy times is that if property prices rise, she has few voids and good rents, then she will make a lot of money. If it all goes pear shaped, she will be bankrupt, discharged in 12 months, then back to the charity job! You can almost see the logic in this!
  20. I have made my complaint to the ASA but I have no faith at all this self-regualted industry - A compliant was upheld against these people in Dec 04 but this ad is even worse!
  21. :angry: Normally I ignore all the snake oil ads for Property Millionaire courses etc however a full page ad in tonights evening standard has really got my goat. Apart from all the usual sh*t, there was a large colour photo of an attractive lady "called "Hilary Blower" who went from "charity worker to millionaire" in 3 months. Intrigued as to how someone other than a bank robber could do this, I checked out the Inside Track website: http://www.propertyinvestorscourses.com/hilary_blower.shtml Not only it fairly clear from the website that it took Hilary more than 3 months from start to fin
  22. I feel I must write to sing the praises of Twyford, where I lived for 6 years up until 2003. The village still has a half decent village feel to it with a good sense of community unlike maidenhead, slough burnham etc . Still a lot of green space depite the pressure. Good shops, restaurants and pubs including a new Waitrose (gives you a clue as to the type of resident these days). Many "locals" still have old fashioed Berkshire accents (i.e. Ricky Gervais) unlike the mockney that is found in the youths of maidenhead slough etc!! Transport links are superb as the village is on the mainline to
  23. He may be the monkey, but who is the organ grinder?
  24. I am in the nearby areas (Brockenhurst) but take great interest in Poole/Bournemouth as that is where I am from. I have been recording every property on the market in Brock since May 2004 - basically it is almost getting boring now with nothing happening. As far as I can see the 3 agents in Brock have barely sold 1 house in the last 2 months. The number of properties on the market is steadily but not spectaculalry increasing. There have been price cuts but by no means universal. Some properties are still holding out for the same price they were looking for when on the market a year ago! Qui
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