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  1. As an Irishman who has recently told Move2 where to stick their houses you may have just caught a particular bitter EA!!
  2. Hi Lucy, Well I have been absolutely inundated with calls from EA's desperate to get me viewing. As explained I am a first time buyer and I guess we're essential to the chain...most are still saying "oh things are ok, a little slow but thats to be expected" type chat but one from a well known Irvine EA basically spelt it out that they have about another month at this rate and their head office will start amalgamating offices and letting folk go...
  3. Hi folks been a while since I was here so just thought a little update for you. We found a place that we loved and was about 20k below budget so we took that and are very happy...not really worried about HPC as its a family home and no real intention of moving for quite some time...of course if 50% falls off then I may be a little perturbed!! Anyway for some news, the first house we looked at (page 4 of this thread I think) has been taken off the market with absolutely zero interest apparently. We also looked at one in West Bohouse Head (or whatever its called) and the guy was adamant that it was £110k or nothing. Just took a call from EA to say price has now dropped to o/o £93k... Even the lower reaches of the market are now suffering..once there's no 1st time buyers its just a matter of time I guess..
  4. Hi All, Thank you once again for all your help..we are looking at Kilwinning this weekend, there seems to a be a huge difference in areas and judging by price and amount of properties on sale I will be avoiding Pennyburn!! We have one child and will probably try to add to that so a 3 bed house would be more practical, I am inclined to say budget is under £105k which is pretty limiting I know but that is the amount we can more than afford without risking things in the inevitable interest hike.. Having come from Dublin I am aware of the nature of the unbelievable house prices (My mums house gained 100% (!!!) in a little over 9 years) so am naturally a hesitant person but we'll just wait and see how this pans out I guess... Tyler.
  5. Cheers for all the advice, We pulled out of the purchase today, in the end the seller was unwilling to even negotiate below 100k despite irrefutable evidence that she is cloud cuckoo land if she thinks she's getting that amount! So we're back to the drawing board, renting is an option but with a young family we are really looking to put down roots and actually settle, we have looked at Bourtree Hill and Girdle Toll as options but to be honest these houses and the way the estates are laid out absolutely freak me out!! If anyone has any recommendations for Ayrshire (with a daily commute to Glasgow!) I would welcome them all... Thanks again to LWD & Lucy.
  6. Hi Lucy Here's the link..any advice welcome... Sophia Cres
  7. Hi Lucy Here's the link..any advice welcome... http://www.propertyfinder.com/cgi-bin/rsea...mp;id=502873284
  8. Sophia Crescent...but as I say I live in Maryhill just now!!!! I think an offer under 100k will be enough. Any more and they can sing for it..need to move pretty soon. Just got married and I think my wife may freak if she spends 6 more days there!!
  9. Cheers for that, its the Castle Park area...looking for fp 105k so its not the ridiculous amounts seen elsewhere, more just worried about the area than the price at the minute!!! I know some of the area is rough but where we live just now is Beirut in comparison!!
  10. Hi all, This site has been invaluable in trying to persuade the wife to hold off on buying in Ayr just at the minute...am just wondering though is there any sites available that can advise on areas to avoid? I was looking at a place today in Irvine and rang the police hoping to get an idea of the area (I'm Irish so a bit new to Scotland) but they cannot officially give an idea of what its like... If anyone has any tips I would be most grateful...
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