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  1. Just finished 'The grapes of wrath' after it was recommended on here .Superb
  2. He's already mr smith,with different eyes/mouth/nose/chin, living in brazil watching the 2nd/3rd test on sky
  3. Welcome back,i wonder how many others like yourself have retuned as lurkers ?
  4. when the mob was dragging bankers out of their offices and hanging them If only :angry:
  5. After a crap day at work,that made me smile
  6. Spend 40K on women and beer,then waste the other 10K
  7. It was'nt that long ago tho that most topics would be linked to hpc,even if it was a tangent link,interested any mod thoughts on this
  8. Wakey wakey mods think this has been on the main forum for long enough now.
  9. simply get rich parents Where do you get them from?
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