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  1. Sounds strange. My brother lived in Thailand for 12 years and from what I understand, foreigners are not easily allowed to buy property (or own companies for that matter) in Thailand. There also seems to be a trend to keep foreigners in specific areas of the cities. I think the authorities would make it very hard for foreigners to acquire BTL properties as this is a market that can easily be filled by Thai people.
  2. We were looking at a property a few weeks ago. Nice house, ticked a lot of boxes but overpriced for the sqm you got. During one of the follow-up calls my SO explained that we were following the news and were worried about buying and being in negative equity straight away. EA jumped head first into the trap and said that we should not worry since the prices in Scotland were around six months behind the south to which SO replied: so you're telling me I'll be in negative equity in six months time. Don't think she had much to reply to that. Ceinwyn
  3. Are there advantages registering? I can't think of any but welcome opinions on this. We used to be registered with some local EAs, but that was well before discovering rightmove.com. One of the pros is that the estate agents would send out information before it went to newspapers, or web portals. Obviously, it was a sellers' market back then when properties were in high demand. Unfortunately, because we were fussy and complained about the prices they stopped sending out brochures (probably also, because a lot of properties sold within a week or so). With portals like rightmove or zoopla, I'm not sure it's worth it, unless you have very specific wishes and think it's fun to make the EAs work a bit more for their money. Ceinwyn
  4. Hehe - I always get the Veggie Delight at Subways, has been £1.99 for ages and I keep £2 in my pocket to avoid getting purse out of handbag etc. One day the girl says £2.29 and I reply: WHOA that's gone up 15% to which she replies: Wow, you're the first one to notice that. On the one hand it's only 30p, on the other it's 15% - and it's across the board. We used to bulk buy Heinz soups for quick dinner days but then they jumped from 55p to 80p, up over 20% in one smooth move. Needless to say, Heinz is only on the menu when the supermarkets do special offers like 6 for £3 now - the cheek! Every trip to the supermarket leaves me baffled at how much it's gone up. It's nigh impossible to leave without paying £10, the usual basket is nearer to £20 now. I think I'll have to bite the bullet, start getting more organized and do a big bulk buy once a week trying to avoid the supermarket for the remainder of the week. This would probably save me at least £30 a week (which would be great since I'm on a mini salary). Ceinwyn
  5. Not necessarily - we sold our flat through an EA in April. Because it is in a good location and we priced to sell, the signs were up and down within a week. I think the EA had only 3 or 4 viewings for it before somebody put in an offer. I now regret having paid the EA money for hardly any work, but this was our decision as we're both out of the house all day and didn't want the hassle of arranging viewings and taking time off work to show people around. If you have someone in the family who can deal with all these things and know your market, why would you pay an EA to do what you can easily do yourself. Ceinwyn
  6. Have you tried cutting out dairy. Arthirits is an inflammatory auto-immune disease which is aggravated by dairy. You can find good info on that on www.drmcdougall.com and www.pcrm.org Ceinwyn
  7. Actually, high fat is much worse for diabetes than high carb, provided that it's fibre rich whole carbs and not white everything and sugar. Activity is a major factor with diabetes but following a high carb whole foods diet is conducive to controlling and curing type II diabetes (Drs McDougall and Barnard). Ceinwyn
  8. Interesting - I'm just reading "Eat your Heart out" by Felicity Lawrence. She reported about the WHO report in which they wanted to change the recommended max intake of calories from sugar to 10%. Thailand was one of the countries pushing this as they recognized the dangers of increasing sugar consumption but the WHO received so many threats from companies/lawyers in the US and EU that they backed down from the recommendation. Ceinwyn
  9. But density targets only make sense if land is at a premium - cut 10% off the green belt there's no more need to stack 'em high.
  10. You think so? Everytime I see the Milibands I can't help but think of Wallace & Gromit. They've got those bulging eyes...
  11. **** that! We don't want him back either. )
  12. It's funny you use the term "grown up houses". I remember that after leaving school most of my friends couldn't get out of our boring town fast enough. Now they have kids, they're moving back one by one because, yes, it's a nice place to bring up kids. A lot of them have bought their parents' houses or swapped flats for houses with their parents so they are still literally living in their parents' home. Not sure I would like to do that, but it certainly brings the cost of a house down. Ceinwyn
  13. OMG - can you imagine how many club card points you'd get if you bought a house through TESCO??? You'd be able to do six months' shopping for free... NOT!
  14. Would it help at all if we gave out miniature replicas of Big Ben to mental patients and then pointed them in the general direction of No.10? Someone is bound to have a lucky shot.
  15. So you can't teach biology now. With the right training, do you think you could? It's not like people fall off trees already knowing how to do stuff. You find something you are interested in, then you do the training and the best training for the majority of people is, in my opinion, still on-the-job training. God and the government alone know why a nurse would need a university diploma. Learn the job on the job! Ceinwyn
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