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  1. Yes this thread does indeed refuse to die! Whoever started this thread 4 years ago was a prescient genius with masses of foresight - he or she predicted the concept of the UK staycation years before the UK media cottoned on. What an incredible human being.
  2. Sounds like you need to see a weight-loss coach
  3. No such thing as "medical asylum" for on entry cases. HOWEVER (and don't get me started on a rant!) many folks who have been here for some time either illegally or pending some applications, when faced with removal or deportation, stick in Human Rights Act cases under the right to life, if they happen to have some illness for which treatment is either poor or non available back "home". Used to make my blood boil - everything from HIV Aids to sickle cell to dialysis and even some minor illnesses are used. Often works too, but in some high profile cases the Judges side with the Home Office and off they go home (usually to live long and happy lives, according to the Daily Mail anyway). Back in the early 90's when HIV was a virtual death sentence, we used to get lots of Gay yanks off the San Francisco flights coming in form free health care, when their USA health insurance ceased to cover any treatments. I guess I would try the same if survival depended on it, but it did make me angry to see our taxes spent on folks who have never even paid so much as 20% vat on a can of coke in the this country
  4. How dozy to mix up the modern commonwealth with the partial freedom of movement which used to exist 50 years ago during the closing days of the British Empire (or the modern EU) - 2 very different animals. When I worked at Heathrow passport control we used to get all kinds of oddballs or thick rednecks turning up from distant lands just assuming they could live in the UK with no formalities. I do not refer to asylum/marriage/student chancers in this either - these were thick folks who would proudly inform you that they had come to give life in Britain a try (an easy case - a few hours later they were on the plane home again). Redneck yanks were the worst, including some who had no medical insurance and had heard about the NHS being free. But we also used to get occasional Aussies, Canadians and so on, believing that the old commonwealth freedom of movement still existed, like your pals.
  5. What a pair! If they are daft enough to carry any "good luck" cards etc in their luggage and if the Kiwi immigration officer turns them over suspecting that they are not genuinely intending a 2 week holiday only, they will be refused entry, placed into a detention centre for a night along with 25 horn* vietnamese crack crazed pimps, then placed on the next flight home. You had best start off back to Gatwick now. If they do make it, do keep us posted on their progress from illegal to legal, if any!
  6. Ancient Covenants can be odd indeed - when we bought our freehold cottage in a Norfolk village, our solicitors showed us a shaded area on the deeds in the corner of the driveway which is adjacent to our neighbours' cottage - a converted chapel. This small 6'x6' corner area is covered by a Covenant which prohibits any construction on it and entitles anyone to "tether their horse and make toilet" on it! Apparently it is the spot where churchgoers would tether their horses and take a dump or pee years ago. Needless to say we do not advertise the right of public access to the spot, for fear of a veritable stampede of local BNP supporters desperate to legally dump on the only local Caribbean family
  7. With a bit of fine tuning, you might very well have invented a brand new word: "Choliday" (meaning: chav holiday). Apologies if this word already exists, I do not get out much
  8. Thanks for the tip - a lurking west indian sneaking from bush to bush around these parts is guaranteed to find his ass peppered with buckshot, so I think I will pass on your camo tips!
  9. You are behind the times and forgot point 2a: run business/work full-time from home using boradband connection then 2b: live a long way from chavs and suburban dormitory multi-occ. ghetto accommodation then 2c: be happy with endless dog walking, summertime pint in the nearest open local pub (I did say endless dog walking) then comes 3. Die At present I am in North Norfolk 200 year old brick and flint cottage phase 2a through c, awaiting 3. (And being the only west indian in the village, I am surprised a local has not blasted me with his shotgun before now!)
  10. Or even worse, you would try to put your tools in her mouth. That might spoil her appetite.
  11. Yes of course I would buy a home in an accident blackspot, depending on an adequately skillful explanation of the estate agent for something like this "interesting feature in the comfortable living room": http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=lorry+crashed+into+house&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1366&bih=576&tbm=isch&tbnid=enCaNiCRD8rOHM:&imgrefurl=http://www.aforadio.com/index.php/how-not-to-park-your-car-photos/&docid=OdaobYyXZbp5lM&imgurl=http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01249/lorry-house_1249458i.jpg&w=620&h=400&ei=G8bcTsf9Ic2esAaCh5HlDw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=1043&vpy=174&dur=1097&hovh=180&hovw=280&tx=178&ty=88&sig=108800126908999139376&page=2&tbnh=134&tbnw=208&start=10&ndsp=10&ved=1t:429,r:9,s:10 Captions please?
  12. Hi AA, thanks for enjoying my posts! Yes I feel there is a good future for cheapo long haul coach A to B travel due to these factors: 1. Lots of eastern europeans use them 2. Lots of youths (students etc) who cannot afford cars use them 3. As we all get poorer, more of us won't be able to afford cars and will use them 4. More of these coaches will end up running on cheaper eco-fuels or even massive lithium battery banks, as the technology progresses, rendering their running costs much lower than trains (cue the eco-debate posse.....) 5. Rise in staycations, as we all get poorer 6. One is less likely to be attacked or robbed on a coach than a train (again, as we all get poorer and benefits are eroded, wandering packs of chav-robbers will steam through trains etc looking for easy pickings) The above factors will bite over the next 10 years - we really are going back to a poorer, simpler way of life that many of us recall from our 70's childhoods
  13. Similar story at Norwich Airport - it is being kept alive by KLM flights and flights to and from Aberdeen for the North Sea Oil men. Flights are dear and the airport service charges slapped on pax tickets (in addition to APD) are obscene and rising. A death spiral. Drove past it yesterday and counted at least 20 jets parked up for the winter.
  14. Funny! This made me laugh. But, sadly, the old adage that when you get old you become more child-like (and introspective/selfish) is so true in many case. Most of the older folks in my family could not give a monkey's for anyones welfare or problems but their own. It happens to all of us as the Grim Reaper approaches - that holiday might have been her last!
  15. Hi Trampa, that is very thoughtful of you to come up with some helpful ideas! Thanks. But I did not market any destination in recent years anyway, nor did I sell hotel rooms or packages - all I did was lease and manage hotel website booking engine software in the Caribbean region, as a reseller agent for a small independent booking engine provider (most folks do not appreciate that when you place a booking on a hotel's own website, 99% of the time you do so using leased or franchised cloud-based software, not the hotel's own software. But that's a dying mugs game now the big OTAs (online travel agets) are offering either free or dirt cheap booking engines to hotels' own websites (in return for higher commission yields from bookings placed on the OTA's own portal). As all of you will know, everything on the web is going either free or "pay for performance" so firms with Web 1.0 revenue models are either dying or having to make drastic changes to raise income in these days od Web 2.0. PS - I now make and sell very hot west indian chilli sauces and am in nearly 30 shops and sell online, so am surviving! You cannot keep a good androgenous woman/man down.
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