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  1. What a bunch of Muppets. Hopefully the corals will set up house round the slands preventing them from sliding back nto the sea but think thats a bit wishfull thinkng. They must have known that they were having mental health problems when they came up wth the idea and known they would attract other people with mental health problems, surely.
  2. The value of the pound has slid on the foreign exchanges by at least 20% so it may have gone up in numbers but in reality its at least static or going down IMO!
  3. Like she did not know a wage from Poundland would not exceed benefits paid to a women with 4 kids, what a joke.
  4. At some stage we are going to simply run out of money. Not even QE can inject enough liquidity at ground level quick enough. We've had it.
  5. 'but stronger-than-expected retail sales suggest a recovery may be on the horizon.' What a recovery in increasing external deficit because of imports. KIN Blinding!
  6. There is no shame in going to the IMF. Everyone does it. Its normal and as long as its to invest over the fiscal cycle it is good!
  7. Geographically Argentina is about 1.5 cm below the blue line and only just off the graph and out of view. The USA is a desaster in waiting it really is.
  8. I can find the Prime Numbers in Shakespeare too and Yeah they also add up to forty but I thinking you don't want me too do you!
  9. I'm surprised you even bothered to reply to him. I read it and came to the conclusion he may be having a psychosis and should see his Dr. for a quick assessment; if he can afford it.
  10. Because he says what the US Healthcare companie's want him too.
  11. The US has a massive well financed campaign going on to fight any change in the US Healthcare system. The Private US Heakthcare companies are making massive profits ripping of the American people and they want to continue doing it. Its working. The American people think they have a good system and that the UK system is a desaster. Wrong. Thier's is a desaster, not ours. There people get refused lifesaving treatment and out and outright negligence by the US Government not our own. Hannan talked like a complete prat. He should have stayed out of it.
  12. By SME I assume you mean Small to Medium Enterprize. If so I can contiue. I work in Electronics as a Senior Engineer. After a 10% cut in heads last year we are now slowing down again. If I work much slower I will grind to a halt but I have so little work to do. I have fullfilled orders going forward three months on some contracts. I can see myself being laid off being back on contract when needed. Thats no good to me. I want to buy a little studio flat. I need job security like everyone else. View going forward is rubbish!
  13. Anyone for a nice game of Chess. I've just destroyed the stock market. Stop Dave I'm afraid! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4gr3z_20...-9000-part_tech
  14. Well they have finaly updated the up my street graph. Very very late for some reason. Perhaps they didn't like the look of them. The average price of a flat in Southampton is back to the level of 2002. http://www.upmystreet.com/properties/house...outhampton.html News from the Front Economically it is rubbish. 75% of people I know are having some kind of employment problem. Either no job or can't make the money if they have. Prices starting to collapse. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...ncludeSSTC%3Don
  15. So with interests rates at 0.5% and £125 Billion of QE the economy is expected to contract 5.5%. Unemployment set to reach an admitted 3 million by year end and in reality more like 5 million. Public and personal debt in orbit. Green shoots, where! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro_VVXjk-kQ
  16. I don't see the point in forcing people to look for non existent jobs. The jobcenters know what jobs are real and they can call the best qualified personally and geographically from the 1000's they have on there books. If they refuse an interview take a months benefits off them. The poor demand for employees is not due to a lack of people not wanting work. Its because the economy is disintegrating around us.
  17. Well you can work out what kind of relationship he had. Not so much for better or worse, more, no money, no girlie. He just didn't hang around to be told what he already knew!
  18. The fact is that the US medical Insurance system is ripping off the entire American populace. The fundamental design of the system is rubbish but the US people have gotten used to it and even accept it. They need to use the NHS model, end off!
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