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  1. Thats what I fear. The IMF. The end of UK civilisation as we know it. No Government wants the job so may encourage the IMF do it for them. The IMF becomes the hate figure for the Public not the current Government, sweet.
  2. OMG. 1 in every 8 homes in the US is under foreclosure!
  3. You clearly need to be taken for compulsory re-education. The electrodes hurt but you will re-alize the error behind your way of thinking and come out a better person; or DeaD!
  4. Try being a late night Cabbie as I have been. Some threaten to kill you for a laugh, its blody hillarious isn't it. One female driver lasted a week. She was offered a gang rape by three male passengers. I know, can't stop laughing can you!
  5. Eh. They've lost a fortune. A good Bank. No such thing at the moment.
  6. Y KnoT. At least we'd get some power stations for iT, instead off F*** ALL!
  7. The City of London boomed because it was unregulated. In my opinion it has been involved with money laundering, arms dealing, drug trafficking and Global War instigation. Now they face the law looking in under regulation they are going to clear off to where they can get away with it. Then they can destroy Switzerlands financial system and move on again to say, Venezuala!
  8. I fed up with people quoting Keynes. He was an economic simpleton. I could have theorized that when I was 10 years old, I wouldn't however expect everyone to follow me without question untill Global Economic destruction caused someone to do an update.
  9. Are you trying to tell me I've been hunting and buying windows XP when all I needed to do was download Ubuntu free of charge burn it to a CD and use it to to install an operating System on another laptop and hey presto I'm back on the net. Your Av'in a laugh!
  10. No past prediction of the future has ever been anywhere near accurate as far as I know. Even Bill Gates got it wrong.
  11. And I'm afraid your medicine will kill the patient. Followed by the implosion of our national institutions, banks, government and possibly Monarchy. Then what.
  12. As a trade; Sex, Drugs and Violence all 'cum' together. First eradicate the Violence. Then snuff out the drugs. The Sex as a trade will evaporate by itself. It will still exist as a trade in relationships between married couples though. LOL Harriet Harman is trying to harmoginise Men and Women. It just won't work. How far does she want to go. Give equal rights to Men so that they too can bear children.
  13. We want to ask an insurance company if its too expensive for us to live. We like insurance company's creaming our healthcare payments. We are indeed K-nuts.
  14. yeah! The Boom Town is waiting for the Rats to take up residency.
  15. He might be mentally ill you know. They say bazarre things like this and they really believe it. Some even tell thier GP's they are the next Prime Minister.
  16. Its off the coast of Mexico not B****y Manchester. Move along now nothing here to see.
  17. http://www.theoildrum.com/node/4436 I'm not an expert but the overall picture is different. Gas is not the US consumption problem its oil. Gas is a small contributor to overall US energy demand. So, even if true its a plaster over mortal injury. It would take a very small percentage change in the number of US vehicles using gas to eat up all of this increased gas production.
  18. I'd like to give her one! Sounds like Government to pay Bussiness to employ young people to work on a voluntary i.e. wageless basis. Bet they are going to be thrilled. Working for nothing I expect. Genious.
  19. And no labour constraints either. Some of these country's are involved with thinly veiled slavery of there own populace. They have restrictive practices illegal to EU country's but legal outside. Its absurd.
  20. Not down my Pub its not. Brave faces, some look like they are white knuckle riding a Big Dipper at times!
  21. Sorry. Where I said 2002 above I meant 2004. Oops.
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