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  1. As soon as we start cutting. We will have economic armageddon. Are you looking forward to it.
  2. RevelationS He that does not wear the mark of the beast (RFID Chip) in the right hand or temple will not be able to buy or sell (participate in the economy).
  3. A max multiplier is a good idea. If the CEO can justify himself a pay increase the workers would get a raise too. Thats fair. On top of that pay should relate to profits in some way. An annual profit related bonus could equate to 25% of take home pay. Lump sum payments are good for the economy because they would tend to get spent on bigger ticket items rather than frittered away.
  4. Thats about the sum of it. We are competeing with slavery in other parts of the world.
  5. LOL Go on boys. Your weapon of choice. A pick axe handle or a baseball bat.
  6. I assume your son to be free of credit card debt. Is he looking for a mortgage. Desparate Mortgage Services Inc.
  7. Are they in a marriage or having some sort of wierd bussiness relationship.
  8. I'm from the same Planet as you but I tend not to advertise the fact. I'm even having a Vegan Turkey for Christmas, I'm assured its never eaten a Beefburger in its life.
  9. A serious question here. Is there an alternative to Palm Oil?
  10. Your just making excuses not to turn in for work. I travel by public transport not owning a car. Both the trains and buses were suspended due to snow. I just got up 2 Hrs earlier. I used my mountain bike to cross country to the edge of the River Test, one hour. I swam the Test and did cross country on foot to the edge of the River Itchen. After swimming the Itchen I simply walked the last leg in. Now lets not have any piss poor excuses again, Eh.
  11. You've got me wrong. The type of Dyke I refer too is the one where you have to stick your finger in the hole to stop it gushing.
  12. Keynes was a tinpot economic thinker that should be ignored...IMO
  13. If we don't pay down the debt we are done for. If we try and pay the debt we are done for. Might just as well keep shoring the dyke up.
  14. Phew. Thats a relief. We are to have an election and a vote. I thought they'ed given up on that.
  15. They don't want to lend at any rate. They want the money back. They want to go shopping in an asset value stripped America. Then they can rent houses to Americans and if they don't have work, the US government can pay the rent. Beautifull, really Beautifull...
  16. I think it might be caused by carbon dioxide, methane and/or hostile ET's. Just my opinion though. Don't call a Global meeting because of something I said.
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