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  1. What they are saying is that you would not get compensated for your loss of savings because you never had any if you owed the same bank money through your mortgage, you just thought you did. Better to move the savings to another Bank and then if the Bank with your savings goes Bang you get compensated. Then you can use the compensation to pay down the mortgage, which is what; Eh WTF it makes no bl**dy difference does it?.
  2. Nigel Lawson thinks they've done a worse job than he did. LOL
  3. Estate Agents Mentioned here before but I will cover again. 'Destinations' has gone from Shirley Road; Bye. It appears to have been replaced by an upstart though; 'Aspire'. This lot know what they are doing LOL. Will survey London Road when the hurricane winds blow over. CU Later. PS Southampton auctions, offers please. http://www.propwld.co.uk/auction/foxssouth.htm
  4. Maybe we should start a thread on storing food - what type, shelf-life, how to store, bulk suppliers etc. I know nothing about this and would welcome any advice from the more informed. Buy a chicken. They can give you breakfast every morning for a year and then you can have the main course at Xmas. All they eat is lidl fleas, brocken egg shells and dust.
  5. I read that there were 5 times more Gold futures changing hands than exists in reality. Little wonder Gold prices haven't gone into orbit.
  6. The entire economy is based on property price MEW and external deficit borrowing. Take that away and we are as wealthy as Romania. Sure that won't be reflected in the UK stock market to any great degree because that deals with Global investments. Property prices are about to fall down the abyss closely followed by us. My advice buy Gold, Silver, Rice and an AK47 for defensive purposes only, property speculators will want your Rice.
  7. Plonker; she's looking to make a sale, definatley; does it to all the punters.
  8. Guess what I happened upon yesterday. This Polish guy told me that he knew of Polish 7.5 Ton truck drivers getting 5.52 pound an hour. At the same depot British drivers were getting anywhere between 7 and 8 pound an hour. On top of that he had just finished 7 straight days and he expected to start another 7. If he does then it is illegal. I told him the piss was being taken. No wonder employers love the Poles; they are in actual fact, slaves.
  9. Two employment agencies on Below Bar Street have gone. However worsening employment prospects have done little to dent the property market.
  10. I agree that improvements in productivity and technology have lead growth; BUT. The entire economy has evolved around cheap transportation costs. Part of a productive organisations job is to maximise efficiency but in times of easily available labour they don't consider the transportation costs of thier workers. At the turn of this century all workers lived in close proximity to thier respective points of productivity and the goods travelled the distance. Now; the goods travel the distance but so do the workers. Energy efficient, I don't think so. The current economic philosophy is based on the true value of money in the minds of people that value it. The reallity is that the economy does not have a pshcology, it is not a person, it is just a machine. If we experience a collapse of the economy and our politicians start spewing the same old crap about the value of money, competition, globalisation, cheap labour; I can assure you they will create hell on earth for the people of this country. RANT over.
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