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  1. I disagree. The banks are to blame. They are the professionals and its there responsibility to risk assess the customer. The fact is the banks gave someone else's money away. They then collected the bonuses and sold of the risk to insurers who were themselves deceived. They've lied and cheated right down the line. They were not only unregulated by the government the government were tacit in encouraging this. While it lasted we had economic expansion. Now its over we are having a slow death.
  2. If this were true and in the South China sea, Tony Hayward wouldn;t only get his life back he'd get Afterlife on the end of a bullet!
  3. Oh for Gods sake! Tractor production will increase and the collective wheat harvest will double.
  4. Garbage! Quite obviously parental help in later life gives major advantage to older children. Asians do it all the time which is why a disproportionate number rise in the professions. Caucasian parents on the other hand think you reach a certain age then your on your own. They can make it, we did.
  5. WHAT a load of tripe. So you want to replace paid workers with volunteers who will do it from a sense of community spirit. I take my Mum out and fix her fence. I don't want to look after yours and I don't need you looking after mine. We are now saddled with a load of modernist tripe about the lazy unemployed. Male unemployment is the most destructive thing currently undermining our entire society. Try chatting a girl up by telling her your unemployed but your nice to the elderly. Try telling your kids you've lost your job and they won't have any Christmas presents. Then your off down the dole office to have some 19 year old living with his Mummy question you on what you have done to find a job.
  6. Ewad your post. Don't know how old you are. You should set your profile.

  7. 'Angela Merkel' is turning into the 'Angel of Mercy'.
  8. Sizewell B Bottled Water! Hey you could be onto something, I'm phoning Dragons Den...
  9. The Future. http://rt.com/Top_News/2010-05-18/economic-crisis-spreads-unrest.html
  10. Well it looks like they are going to shut down the country. We not trying to avoid recession anymore, we're going to inflict it on ourselves and the people are going to help decide how to do it. Is someone having a laugh with us. Look, cutting pay will lower tax income, redundant people will simply go onto benefits that are often not much less than net take home pay. We are not going to save anywhere near what you think we will. Housing benefits is going to support the rental sector for housing. This is absurd, its the economics of the madhouse, your all bonkers. This is the road to ruin.
  11. This mans a cab driver; wasn't he? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/10220289.stm
  12. Keynes is about as applicable to economics as shooting a patient to negate the cause of a desease. Debt expansion causes economic expansion. Contraction causes collapse. Can you work out where in the cycle we now are. http://www.bwlewis.info/2009/08/blackpool-big-dipper-crash/
  13. This appears to be correct. When a loan is made and repayed someone else has to borrow money into the economy so that the interest can be paid.
  14. Uhm No I'm not falling for any socialist fallacy. Cut £6 Billion this year from public expenditure and you actually save about £1 Billion the rest will be paid out in benefits to the newly dispossessed. Use the saved £1 Billion for tax cuts and the extra liquidity will either be used to pay down debt or to purchase foreign product increasing the trade gap further. The gap between net wage and support by benefits is too narrow, simple as that. We should have been cutting benefits and increasing the minimum wage in the credit expansion phase. No point in doing it now. We are no longer a sick patient, we're nearly fuc KING DeaD!
  15. The cuts will lead to further economic contraction, lower tax receipts and a requirement for even larger cuts. The age of austerity, social unrest and economic collapse has begun!
  16. The idea is utterly mental. Now they want to make the same mistake on a bigger scale. Political forces in nation states will rip the EU to shreds. Its already happening.
  17. We've lost three estate agents from Shirley Road recently. Cubitt & West was one. I think that was part of Countrywide. The others were Destinations and Astons I believe. I haven't looked down London Road. Happy Days.
  18. Are you sure about that. Seems about 100 years out.
  19. This is crackers. The Germans are insane, the Greeks are getting kicked round the show. Leave them alone before they storm off in a huff!
  20. http://www.upmystreet.com/properties/house-prices-in-southampton.html Well its finally updated!
  21. There is no way the Greek Government is going to allow the EU take over the running of its economy and no way the Greek people are going to let them. The EU will give no bailout and Greece will be kicked out of the EU and left to sink. Thats then the end of the EU's financial system. It will fly apart. That will be followed by Greece re-establishing its borders and indentity. It will default on its debt. Stick two fingers up and say f*** you.
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