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  1. Police officers are very overpaid after quite a short time of starting. They also still get a pension from 50yrs old at half salary for life, indexed and with a lump sum. They are a very inefficient public service who never need to do almost anything by any particular time, unless an emergency or murder happens, when they are usually pretty good.

    But on a day to day level they have little pragmatism and the public on juries are rather less likely to believe them than in the past. So many silly procedures enforced on them have taken away their ordinary use of common sense.

    They have dubious practices in the realms of public order control, which is sad really, since right thinking people want to support the police and law and order generally. If you have worked around them as I have, you soon feel a good deal less comfortable about their ways. Look at this strategy of having large numbers of police hemming in a massive group of students into a road, so they could not pass by, the majority peacefully protesting. They were 'kettled' and no wonder their behaviour deteriorated. Much better to let the procession proceed in a spread out way and simply arrest any doing criminal damage, without angering all the others. The sight of a small number of students misbehaving and a small number of police striking people with batons was equally disturbing.

    Having personally been on the end of one of there horrendous screw ups I am forced to agree. I was brought up to trust the Police but from bitter experience have now learned not to. I see them as nothing more than ordinary people from the middle class social group with the power to Police those of a lower social group.

    No wonder no one wants one as a friend. There behaviour creates trouble and then they blame you for it. Rich!

  2. Not much too report. I started this thread as under the name 'deano' like about 5 year ago now and I've noticed postings here by all are less frequent.

    On Shirley Road, Alexanders has changed its name to Beals. I think a couple of chancers have an upstart there too. Well I know where that will end...

    Rental prices are creeping up. Few can get a mortgage and so demand is up. Once on housing benefits you need a job paying more than 20K to make it worth while and there ain't much of that around.

    You all have a nice Christmas now ya hear.

    Dean Bartram.

  3. More pie in the sky rubbish.

    Take the most optimistic numbers: 10,000 X 400 = 4M

    4M X 25 = 100M

    Good luck designing, building, installing, maintaining this albatros in the middle of the sea for 100M.

    Electric bills would have to increase 10 fold for this to be even remotely viable.

    Also, the 25 year lifespan is laughable.

    2 million barrels of oil over its lifetime. Blinding! Well thats the end of fossil fuels then. :lol:

  4. My sister, 19 yo, has been unemployed since leaving school at 16.She has a boyfriend who quit his job as a shelf stacker at Tesco to try a sales job with Sky. Sky job was a con do he quit, he had essentially left his job for nothing.They CANNOT find work. They are both unskilled, undereducated and have ZERO motivation or ambition. They piss away the week having lie-ins; blow nearly all their dole money on junk food, cigarettes and bingo. They are not alone, nearly every one of their friends bar one is just like them. (the one girl that has a job works in staples)They told me this weekend that soon enough they will have to work for their benefits, so says the lady at the jobcenter. Maybe this will force them to get out of bed in the morning, go out into the real world and build their social skills and realise there is more to life than the sofa.We have a generation of kids who feel hopeless, useless and stupid, sitting at home all day watching jeremy kyle and they need a serious kick up the ****. Working for benefits is it.I do not believe the system should apply to more mature people, I think it will have the opposite effect.Edit: for some reason all my carriage returns are stripped, sorry that it's unreadable.

    Thats not what will happen though is it. She'll get pregnant more than once and you can work out the rest!

  5. at your service.

    the coming round of QE will be different to the last one. In this round, the new bank reserves created by QE will be prevented from circulating in the economy. The fed will do this by offering the banks the opportunity to lock up the newly created reserves in term deposit accounts a t the fed, which pay a rate ever so slightly higher than the base rate.

    the net effect of this is to swap X billion bonds paying long term interest rates, for x billion bank reserves paying a short term rate.

    so the net liquidity effect is zero, but it lowers long term rates, flattens the yield curve and keeps government and mortgage funding rates down.



  6. I'm half way through the book at the moment, the first half of the book is a good but when he later goes of subject he gets a bit lost. I agree with his opinions on GATT and the EU; indeed history has now played out and he was spot on. I don't like his solutions I think they are too complicated. I'd just slap a tax on tonnage of imports other than fuel and food.

    He doesn't like nuclear power, too expensive and in his opinion unsafe when the book was written. Realistically though I can't see a current serious contender. New power stations will be designed with decommissioning in mind from the start making them cheaper to decommission. Efficient use of energy is also the way to go. The UK doesn't use combined heat and power so we effectively flush half our power generation down the toilet. He doesn't mention Global warming or CO2. Windmills cant replace a decent sized power station forget it, use them to pump water round the cannal's if you want but thats it.

    We do need to rebuild and stabalise our society. Immigration has to be limited.

    Anyway the first halves a good read!

  7. Yes it's official, it's now a depression.

    Work in defence sector. Loss of contracts due to recent cuts and general poor outlook means 9% of the workforce in our IT are redunderized. At moment I'm merely 'at risk' with about 1/3 of those at risk to go. However, my boss hates me so the redunderization criteria will be twisted every which way to make sure I'm out.

    Ah well financially I won't be too bad off. We live well within our means and have paid off our mortgage. The only real concern is being out of work and all the effects on mental health, confidence etc.

    Oh! you'll be alright. Deal a few drugs, sell a few guns, run a couple of working girls. Loads a money!

    Joking! No need to tell a Policeman...

  8. There's a foolproof plan to make a bad situation worse.

    I have to agree. He has security, his home is paid for etc. If he trades and makes a dime he'll gamble the house. Now the profit, gets you a bigger house but does not make you necessarily happier. If he loses the house he will definatley be unhappier.

    Put an axe to his computer. Day Trader, KING nutcase!

  9. Add in "internships" and "work experience" and you've got even more money going to the shareholding / corporate class from the efforts of the poor. Yet every right wing talking point is about scrounging parasites with no work ethic.

    And that is another thing that gets me, work ethic.

    I used to work for a 3 person company, if we needed to test 100 pieces of equipment before shipping them I'd happily do that so we'd make the deadline even if it meant working through lunch or staying late. However it would be an exception, I was paid for 37 hours a week, 48 weeks of the year and that is what I'd do, this has always been my attitude, probably why I'm now self-employed!

    I've got friends who routinely work an extra hour or two every day, they work for big companies who make hundreds of millions, and say that if they leave on time they are basically accused of slacking. It strikes me as weird that people are now so frightened to stand up to their bosses that they can't say "hang on our shareholders and the CEO are raking it in on the fact that we collectively work an extra 10 hours a week each unpaid - either reward us or employ more staff"

    I've come across this time and time again over twenty years with different employees. It seems to come from the tradition of sallard staff which were at one time the working elite wage wise. Employers muddy the water with staff that are paid monthly, they call it salary - it is not, it is a wage paid monthly.

    I worked at one small organisation that had nothing positive to offer other than the low wage which was higher than unemployment and that was for an H.N.D. in Electronics. The premises was a toilet, one of the directors was an arrogant pig. He wanted free extra time out of me and I wouldn't give, it was a psychological shit fight, great.

  10. Is this detail at all necessary?

    What did the police do? Shout "Boo"?

    Was he tanning his back or front at the time?

    What factor lotion was he using?

    How much was the house worth?

    i think we should be told.

    How many spurts of blood were there before he collapsed.

    Did the bang make anyone jump with surprise!

    Did any dogs bark or howl in response to the weapon discharging.

    Are there any guns designed to be fired underwater?

    Had he suggested that we create a debt free money system, in which case he was shot by someone else cause thats what happens.

  11. it is impossible for the british economy to pay ANY debt back in aggregate without a fall in the money supply, which at the same time makes it successively harder to pay back the remaining.

    the only way to pay back debt without downing our own money supply is to pay it back by reducing the trade deficit until we happen to be in surplus.

    And how do you propose we do that. 1st we got to stop running a deficit. Then our oil and gas slow to a trickle. Our foreign markets are in contraction. Then we run a trade surplus, somehow.

    We can't pay it back. The reality is that no-one can pay theirs either. We're stuffed.

  12. I think I have figured out how/why boom and busts work and wanted some comments.

    I wont go into much detail and assume many of you will know the basics.

    Money is debt, for every pound of debt there is a pound of savings somewhere.

    "no there isn't"

    There are generally two types of people, savers and spenders. Savers save and spenders spend.

    "And the majority who live month to month doing neither of the above"

    In a boom the banks allow spenders to spend more and more by allowing them to borrow more and more. In effect this creates a boom as the banks trade the borrowers debt and give it to the savers. During a boom this continues and it is fairly basic to understand (you get a boom when banks lend more and people/governments/companies take on this debt)

    "Thats about it"

    The difficult part (which seems simple to me) is why this goes into a bust.

    Well simply the spenders can not continue spending as they reach their debt limit. The banks and savers simply wont give them more credit so you get a bust. Now this is bad for everyone as trade grinds to a halt. The spender cant spend and the saver cant produce and save.

    So what needs to happen? Well at that point naturally the saver and the spender must swap roles. Those who are savers need to become spenders and those who are spenders need to become savers. If that happened we would have a permanent boom and this is probably the holy grail of economics and business. However a saver is and will likely always be a saver and likewise a spender is and likely always will be a spender. They cannot or do not what to change roles.

    "There aren't anywhere near enough spenders"

    Hence you get a recession or depression forming.

    So the government has to in some way either swap the roles of these two groups (nearly impossible) or reset debt so the savers and spenders can continue doing what they do.

    That means either inflate the debt away, default on the debt, accept a much lower level of trade or go into recession or perhaps even depression. The only realistic option here is to inflate away the debt.

    So the cause of busts, recessions and depressions….. savers who save capital in the form of others debts. If they saved in other forms we would have perma booms.

    After over 8000 posts 'cells' you appear to be going slightly mad!. Have a break, pester Mums.Net or take some other therapy!

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