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  1. I'm on the other side of the water, Southampton. Might move over there if the rents are cheap. Look someone over there make me an offer...
  2. I work for HMCS, can I be of assistance to you.
  3. The 'Rat and Mouse'. Sounds like a public house. http://www.theratandmouse.co.uk/weblog/archives/2008/02/times_cracks_to.html Sounds like were gonna get the blame, it does...
  4. Having personally been on the end of one of there horrendous screw ups I am forced to agree. I was brought up to trust the Police but from bitter experience have now learned not to. I see them as nothing more than ordinary people from the middle class social group with the power to Police those of a lower social group. No wonder no one wants one as a friend. There behaviour creates trouble and then they blame you for it. Rich!
  5. Not much too report. I started this thread as under the name 'deano' like about 5 year ago now and I've noticed postings here by all are less frequent. On Shirley Road, Alexanders has changed its name to Beals. I think a couple of chancers have an upstart there too. Well I know where that will end... Rental prices are creeping up. Few can get a mortgage and so demand is up. Once on housing benefits you need a job paying more than 20K to make it worth while and there ain't much of that around. You all have a nice Christmas now ya hear. Dean Bartram.
  6. It doesn't appear to be Maglev. I can see tracks at the station.
  7. 2 million barrels of oil over its lifetime. Blinding! Well thats the end of fossil fuels then.
  8. The Vicar should stick to giving emotion support, relationship guidance and assisting others with there mild mental health issues. Money is the root of all Evil apparently. Just look at his flock. The country's going to shit and they want government action on there bloody savings.
  9. Thats not what will happen though is it. She'll get pregnant more than once and you can work out the rest!
  10. Can effect your memory too. Your last toot was 20 minutes ago.
  11. I'm half way through the book at the moment, the first half of the book is a good but when he later goes of subject he gets a bit lost. I agree with his opinions on GATT and the EU; indeed history has now played out and he was spot on. I don't like his solutions I think they are too complicated. I'd just slap a tax on tonnage of imports other than fuel and food. He doesn't like nuclear power, too expensive and in his opinion unsafe when the book was written. Realistically though I can't see a current serious contender. New power stations will be designed with decommissioning in mind from the start making them cheaper to decommission. Efficient use of energy is also the way to go. The UK doesn't use combined heat and power so we effectively flush half our power generation down the toilet. He doesn't mention Global warming or CO2. Windmills cant replace a decent sized power station forget it, use them to pump water round the cannal's if you want but thats it. We do need to rebuild and stabalise our society. Immigration has to be limited. Anyway the first halves a good read!
  12. Oh! you'll be alright. Deal a few drugs, sell a few guns, run a couple of working girls. Loads a money! Joking! No need to tell a Policeman...
  13. I have to agree. He has security, his home is paid for etc. If he trades and makes a dime he'll gamble the house. Now the profit, gets you a bigger house but does not make you necessarily happier. If he loses the house he will definatley be unhappier. Put an axe to his computer. Day Trader, KING nutcase!
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