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  1. Surprise, surprise - Nothing on BBC 10 o'clock news! ITV will be covering though
  2. Rents may be reported at a high - not that I'm seeing any sign of this; I would say they've been stagnant over the past couple of years. The obvious problem for LLs in the not so distant future is the number/availability of suitable tenants, especially in the north. Same as FTB's driving down house prices; rents will take their hit too!
  3. Agree with you on this year, as far I see there is nothing left to prop up the market - what else could they do?
  4. Orange always reminds me of Happy Shopper, back in the late 80's/early 90's. Total shite!
  5. With you on this one, but it's not just about house prices any more; the whole UK is a effing f up! I've got kids, so don't long for a total meltdown, but at the same time realise that we need one.
  6. Good for you, though why don't you sell all those houses that you've purchased outright, you must be minted. I'd start making babies now if you can, having kids living with you during your retirement kind of defeats the object.
  7. It's happening now; this sucker phase is coming to an end, round two of monthly falls to begin in September. We may have witnessed some significant rises over the past few months, albeit manipulation, but this crash is a race to the bottom and is soon to find it's feet again.
  8. Whohoo....at last we, we'll actually be in a position to look forward to the double dip we've been promised
  9. We were refused viewing on 4 bed house because we had kids; the fact we have rented privately for three years with two kids and have good references with full deposit returns was not taken into consideration beats me. The fact of the matter is; you're either a good tenant or a shite tenant, if you've got kids their actions become your responsibility and you deal with it. for eg. one of our kids (very young) used to pick at the wallpaper, so we completely redecorated the room. if we didn't, the LL would have charged as much more to make good and we would have lost the monies from our deposit. LLs can discriminate against me if they chose because I have kids - their loss, ie extended voids.
  10. Lack of grit to cover a week's freeze requires panic bulk purchases? As I said - effing idiots; probably buying at least triple what is required, creating an unnecessary problem. Even if we see an extension to the forecast of the "deep freeze", having to walk to live isn't going to kill you! btw I don't live in Wales; no disrespect.
  11. effing idiots the lot of em! Why is it that they have to bulk buy on the assumption they won't be able, or suppliers won't be able to get to the supermarket when they've already managed to do so?
  12. Agree with the possibility of an increase below 5% for 2010, but a good time to get on the 'ladder'? Shouldn't a good time be when you need somewhere to live and can afford to do so? Unfortunately the majority are now forced to wait until they become affordable, which they will.
  13. Buy Iraq Dinar - you'll be a multi millionaire in years to come
  14. It looks like it's time to invest back in property. Rents are about to go up. Hopefully they expect pay rises too?
  15. Pay freeze in March and probably freeze next year, but just escaped another round of redundancies. Fingers crossed I'll still get my M&S vouchers at Christmas, but I'm not holding my breath!
  16. This is HPC - where's the graph? oooo I luv a graph!
  17. Suppose I could hack it if I was a single person, but don't fancy turning into a gypsie family!
  18. Is boredom a state of home? Surely this is not affected by your living place; maybe location but not dwelling type.
  19. Is this still the case, now that SatNav is available? Another thing (change of subject); a cabbie would never jack in for the dole, so this another group of workers currently working at much reduced hours/rates not highlighted by any form of statistic/report.
  20. Again, I understand where you're coming from, just for me your definition does not reflect what I see as a true liar loan where the borrower has clearly committed fraud to obtain a loan they could not really afford and have assumed a short period of hardship before the value of the property rises and justifies their "gain". As I said in my post, I was offered a mortgage but I didn't accept; the rate was too high. I'm currently renting and my monthly outgoings are now higher than what they would have been if I'd accepted the mortgage, though I'm living in a bigger property in a better area. My point being I could afford 6 x salary based on current circumstances which apply to me as a renter also. I agree lenders should not be lending at these levels and the consequences of this, but their decision to offer those multiples is a commercial one based on what was happening at the time; a stupid and wrong decision as I stated in my post but not a lie. If you categorise these loans as liar loans then you could also argue that an interest only mortgage is a liar loan when it is the only option to obtain a mortgage to "buy" a house. Again I see your point, I suppose I must have been one of the 5% who this did not apply to, and better still, one of the 0.01% of people who decided not to accept the ball and chain.
  21. I understand where you are coming from but disagree with your definition of a liar loan. I'm an honest person and was offered a 6x salary mortgage back in 2006; no lies told, just honest facts. My repayments on that mortgage would have been less at the time than the rent I'm currently paying; albeit that the house I'm living in now is worth twice as much, the fact that I can afford to pay a higher rent, higher council tax, higher water rates and anything else that comes with living in larger properties shows that repayments on 6x salary could have been made and I made no attempt to gain the mortgage through fraud. Of course there will be times when you're hit with an unexpected bill which can set you back, but this can happen to people who rent too! I have a colleague in work who sold his house and downsized, shared some of the equity with his family and then used the rest for a deposit for a larger property which required a mortgage he could not obtain with honest facts; he therefore lied to get the mortgage he needed - that my friend is a liar loan. You suggest that people are not honest because they accept a loan based on their financial situation; this may classify them, or even the bank as stupid, but no unlawful act has been made and they have not been dishonest. I have read many of your posts in the past and totally agree with your views on liar loans and their affect on house prices, but disagree any loan provided a bank based on honest facts can be classified as a liar loan because of the amount offered.
  22. Agree. A liar loan is exactly what it implies; a lie to obtain a loan. What does multiples have to do with it? Higher multiples come with higher rates, no lie necessary!
  23. So tell me how you're meant to save for a deposit while bringing up two kids and renting privately? I suppose you could always skip the children like so many have; sadly they value bricks an mortar more than family.
  24. I'd be happy to live to 75 let alone work until it! Couldn't give a shight if i have to work up until my death, been used to it up until now, though it's never been physical so I suppose I've been lucky.
  25. I'd tell him exactly what I believed and what I would do; whether I'm right or not is another matter, but it's my opinion not advice.
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