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  1. I'm currently renting and have been for some time as a result of HPI and not resulting to ridiculous monthly mortgage payments for a bedsit on a once used refuse disposal site. But now we are at last going to experiance the long awaited decline/slump/crash, will my rent reflect relatively? I hear stories about people selling and now letting to buy and FTBs now holding that first purchase, does this all mean that the letting market will be in higher demand and therfore not be affected by the HPC? Common sense would tell you that rent must be relative regardless of demand, or am I getting caught up in the hype?
  2. I agree with you, but the fact the widescale drops are not being reported doesn't mean they're are not being experienced 1st hand or heard through the grape vine. The fact that stories are being reported relating to a downward turn is enough for the sheeple, remember, its not just house prices but everything relating to the cost of living that's getting evermore gloomy coverage on the beeb. I reckon your six month minimu prediction is four months too long.
  3. I think the long wait is actually over, now everyone is in agreement that things are on the downturn I think we could be looking at 2% drop a month, and that's being conservative! Look at Nation wide in three months they've gone from flat to 5%, everything is drying up, there's nothing left to back prices up.
  4. I've also noticed that sold signs are not only being replaced with for sale boards, but additional EAs boards have been erected!
  5. I can't believe how thick some people really are, a couple fo weeks ago when all the mortgage deals were taken off the shelf I can remeber watching the news with this couple complaining that they can no longer buy the house they wanted on their joint income because the mortgage was no longer available. These are the stupid c***s who are delaying the crash, haven't got two brain cells to rub together to actually realise this is happening to everyone and that they wont need the f***** huge debt in the first place!
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