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  1. I'm looking to rent for another 2/3 years depending on how the whole HPC pans out and need to upgrade to more bedrooms. I've noticed 3 bed/4 bed town houses to let are starting to reduce the rent albeit small drops, but a growing number of these properties hanging around for longer. I don't know what the cause of this is, but it seems we may be at a the point where rents are finally following the trend of house prices. IMO I can't see rents going up anymore, it can't be justified with HPC, rising unemployment and the economy falling to pieces; there's just no confidence/reassurancies now and landlords are getting desperate for tenants. I believe anybody with a good tenant reference will be in a very strong position in a few months time to barter on rent.
  2. Yeah, I've been seeing this too.
  3. You really have to ask yourself why have these people got their/bank owned property on the market. When you understand they are not priced to sell, you realise they were not purchased to be lived in, or not funding a new home from the sale.
  4. Apologies if this has already been addressed, but I 'm sure I heard that completing one will reduce my rating; is this right?
  5. So they predict falling house prices, but dont know by how much
  6. "Gillian Batten was so fed up with spending two years on the housing waiting list in Lincolnshire that she eventually rented a home privately. But the mother-of-one said it is a luxury she cannot afford. Describing the system as one that "stinks", she said: "I'm not the only one. There are thousands out there that are in the same boat and it is quite frustrating." Join the gang love! I rent privately, Family of four, sole earner, it's not easy, but I don't expect the government to house me! Maybe we should have bought on a liar loan and then we could benefited form home owner hand outs! Never mind, I'll be made redundant soon and I can take a lead out of your book and get the governement to pay the rent, council tax, food and provide a little bit of spending money. This recessio thing is'nt looking so bad afterall
  7. Totally agree, you woud think a good car sold at the right price could do just as well without all these expenses. At least now the media are providing free marketing for them
  8. The young bloke's girlfriend has a very lucky housemate. I shall wish her (assuming it's a she) all the best.
  9. People always use 24K/26K as an average wage for multipliers plus % deposit to establish an approx average house price, though surley this will come down when you consider the wages for the jobs about to be lost which keep the wage average higher. So 24K/26K is an unrealistic figure to use IMPO. Also, people seem to forget that the majority of people who lied to get a mortgage couldn't obtain a £50K (honest)mortage, let alone £150K; prices are really going to fall, and the over shoot is going to be amazing.
  10. probably more choice now at better values; those previously occupied by the owners maybe?
  11. saw on sky new this morning that a Halifax survey showed 250,000 privately owned homes are sitting empty, so much for supply and demand!
  12. Always pickin on black cars, why can't you just leave em alone; it's not their faut, they were made that way, maybe one day they will run for president and win, you should be careful when stating your colour preference!
  13. What's the OP talking about? If this carries on for 2 more years we'll be in touching distance of 50%!! Any seller asking silly money is beacuse this is what they need, not what the property is worth! If i got a loan for 10K to buy a car and owe 9K on the loan 6 months later but need to sell the car to settle the loan, because I owe 9K doesn't mean the car is worth 9K! These seller's will be repossesed, or simply won't be sellers!
  14. SALE AND MOVE BACK IN WITH PARENTS! The quicker the better, any losses will soon be covered/recouped by the savings (savings as in living costs) living at home with your parents; you're very lucky to be in a position to get out of such a bad one. And remember, don't think about the money you initially lose, think of the worry you lose with it!
  15. I know of a couple of FTBs who have just purchased in and around southampton, and this is because of two reasons:- 1) They have seen drops from 210K to 175K and assumed not much discount left in price. 2) They are stupid!
  16. I've had conversations with colleagues in work about their kids currently house hunting; they believe house prices will always be higher than the purchase price over the period of the whole mortgage and therfore they're making money. It's a simple veiw which totally disregards how much they actually pay for the house and how their money could work for them in the meantime when renting and the benefits of renting. This, I believe is the reason for people not 'seeing it'; they're just simple! If they wanted a house regardless of any losses then I would retract my simple statement, but the problem is they never do, there is always an association of making money/investment when buying. I've referred two collegues to this website; one has now advised their daughter not to buy, the other doesn't mention it anymore.
  17. look on ebay searching by nearest location, you'll bound to find a good deal!
  18. Olympics - total waste of time and money! The event, the build up and all the training, who gives a sh1t? You ask 100 people on the street to name two Brits who won any medal in the Olympics 2 months ago, my guess is that 90% of them wouldn't know, cause I know me for one haven't got a clue!
  19. Isn't it about time you actually buy a car rather than watching? Everytime there's a car related post you've got your eye on a car! £250 really worth waiting for if it's the car you really want? Unless it's black of course!
  20. They're doing themselves no favours; like GB, time will show what a bunch of tw4ts they are!
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