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  1. Not heard depression so much, but deeprecession seems to be the new depression.
  2. My contract is up for renewal in March and I want to leave asap, if the LL doesn't want to renew the contract and gives 2 months notice with a date to vacate (being the end of the contract) can I leave before that date (a month earlier) rather than stay to the end of the contract? Your advice would be appreciated as I want to know whether I would have no choice but to pay to the end of the agreement, or if I have rights because the LL issues possesion. I'm aware if I give 1 month's notice I'm obliged to pay til the end of the agreement. Thanks.
  3. True, but there was no need for the umbrella in the first place!
  4. I completey believe their figures for last month's drops!
  5. My renewal is due next month, there's no way I'll be accepting an increase; I'll be outlining a reduction of 10%. If the LA doesn't accept then they can look for a new tenant and face voids. You are right, rents are dropping now and much faster than expected. It'll be no problem to find more for less, and everything's available now; it's all getting very desperate for LL's. Face it - why shouldn't we benefit from this interest rate drop when the LL could be? This will be my main point with the LA whether the LL benefits or not!
  6. Give it 18 months and it wont matter what you're driving about; there will be more cars availabe than people who can afford to drive!
  7. at the price asked? Doubt it. 12 months ago was peak!
  8. I know a girl who did this with the M&S sale; returned over £150 worth of goods and purchased them back on the same day during the sale, worked out getting the jacket for free. She also done the same for a sofa ordered in Hadleys, obviously didn't return it but when she saw the promotion in the local rag the week after she'd ordered, she insisted they applied the same 15% otherwise she would cancel and re-order. Don't know what the law is on returning goods on this basis, but it doesn't seem to be questioned by the stores.
  9. I'm surprised he didn't go on to say "...waiting for an empty house"; these kind of posters make me sick!
  10. It definately worked; the local M&S is still open!
  11. I watched and I liked; great to see FP let rip for a change and smack them with the facts.
  12. Of course, you are 100% correct, however, if you intend to buy at some point and continue to rent in the meantime, the mortgage required will reduce by 3K a month; I make that a saving on the money borrowed and that's not including interest! The fact that my bank balance remains the same is irrelevant, I'm not borrowing as much money and making a saving- it's quite simple, isn't it?
  13. Meaningless? You'ye obviously in a fortunate position.
  14. Why are you asking for advice and then defending what seems a decision already made? I think you have lost it; go and buy and post a thread in 6 months asking if you should STR.
  15. If the above 4 points mean more to you than saving 3 grand a month then buy, if not rent - quite simple really.
  16. I think the main reason for this fall is the type of houses now on the market to let which during HPI were only ever being purchased on those loan things that people take out dishonestly. People who already rent 3/4 bed properties do so because they have familes which mean they are quite settled and usually tied to schools, nurseries, jobs, etc. These people aren't going to move for a small drop, it's just not worth the hassle. The number of 3/4 bed properties have definately increased and are staying on the market much longer which is forcing them to drop rents first, eventaully filtering through to the smaller properties. It's al good for us renters, whether we intend to stay or move, we can all be hopeful to receive rent drops next year.
  17. Thats 5hit! If my LL does the same I'll be off out of principal, cause there's no way they can justify rises now or in the near future. I'm noticing loads of 3/4 bed houses hanging around for ages with some lowering the rent. These were the types of properties that were never available to us private renters, they were always taken by the family with the liar loan. Well now the worm has turned, we have the upperhand, and IMO we can start to put the cheeky offers in and I'm sure some are gonna take a hit for the sake of having voids.
  18. Give me the money, I dont care, everything's so screwed now it doesn't matter anymore!
  19. I think it's going to be worse in real terms; house prices are not going to be an issue, though related. I must say, i find it very frustrating when watching your interviews; the fact that you're unable to be taken seriously and give as good as you get, but then I do understand that you are being interviewed by ar$shole$ and you are being professional. Keep up the good work!
  20. 15% next year FP? Think it's about time you let rip!
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