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  1. six in our company car park - does that count?
  2. If prices drop by 2% we'll inly be back to Jan 09 prices - this crash s taking for efing ever!
  3. For sure, they have to go down. The amazing thing is, they need to go down 10% to catch up with Nationwide[
  4. Personally I believe if it wasn't for the Halilie reporting a 1.9% up, this post probably wouldn't have happened. Prior to the lie everybody on this site was reporting massive falls this year, but now starting to doubt such a fall and revising to slower falls over a longer period, which will probably cause more damage in the long run. The fact of the matter is that people cant afford to buy and can't get the loans; it's as simple as that! Yes, there are cash buyers who see property as a safer long term investment, but how many and for how long can they support current prices? The whole economy is shrinking, sit back and watch houses shrink with it. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  5. Moving every 6-12 months is a PITA no matter what you're moving. Personally I dont care what white goods are included as it's usually cheap crap you have to live with if it's within the rental.
  6. This is my feeling too now - do house prices really matter any more? People will be living within their means from here on; there will be no gloating about a depreciating asset and no credit to impress with material debt. The UK will change dramatically over the next two years; it will be hard, but not impossible. Let the likes of Sibles who clutch to their imaginery wealth believe their ingrained house prices as it's his type who will find it impossible, while it gets a little hard for others.
  7. The problem with new builds is that they were built for profit, not to be lived in! Everything is built from the cheapest of materials to scrape through current building regs; and that's assuming they did. The electric heating/water system will probably cost you more to operate than an old 3 bed victorian house with gas central heating. Stay clear, save your money, if you still want one, wait a year and buy two!
  8. totally agree, but unfortunatley most FTBs there isn't a choice - stretched to the limit to make minimun payment for that loan they shouldn't have been given.
  9. I have a friend who currently lives in a house valued today at £215K by local EA and has been offered free accomadation elsewhere. There's only £30K left on the mortgage. Assuming sold at valuation or let at £900pcm before fees, what would you do with a property that's no longer required with 30K left to pay?
  10. Heard this too on the way home from work, so frustrating that they blamed this as a direct result of the reccession but failed to state the bloody obvious - drop the efing asking price! Some of these ederley being cared for are using loans at 0% to pay care fees now - why not just drop the efing price and pay back the borrowed spent? Another efing housing propping scheme gone horribly wrong! I was shouting a goodin in the car!
  11. This is so true. Talking to a collegue yesterday who told me she'd just had her house valued at £200K; she bought new in 2006 for £224K. EA explained to her that we are now at 2004 prices! Anyway, I asked why she was getting valuation and she said would consider downsizing to pay off remaining mortgage of £37K. I then suggested that she just sells and move into rented for a few years and then move back into same kind of house after further falls. Reply - " but you want be able to buy a house round here for any less"! What am I missing? She understands prices now back to 2004, understands house now valued £24K less than purchased, but doesn't understand being able to buy the same kind of house in a couple of years for £40K less!
  12. Went to view a house yesterday up for £800 pcm; before viewing I told the LA the max I would pay would be £750 pcm, she said that shouldn't be a problem with the LL. While viewing the house I noticed there was no shower and no plumbing for dishwasher so wasn't interested. The LA then said she could get the LL to fit a shower and provide plumbing for £750pcm. The house is currently occupied by tenants and the LA told us the the LL doesn't want the house to be empty at any point; at this point she realised she had told us that we were in the driving seat for negotitaions, and said "with the way the market is at the moment with (slight pause) lots of tenants .........." - this confused me some what; why would they be bending over backwards to let if there's lots of tenants. Rents are definately on the way down, and my advice to anybody viewing is to knock the rent down before viewing and explain you dont want to waste anybody's time by viewing a property you're not wiling to pay the asking rent for; you can always phone back up or get your partner to phone and arrange another viewing if you like it that much.
  13. I noticed a property which had a 'for sale' board and was listed on RM for £130K, which was quite good considering £180 at peak. After being on the market for a few months the 'for sale' board dissapeared and so did the lising from RM. Yesterday I noticed the property had gone back on for £150K and then today saw a 'sold' board at the property - seems a bit suspect to me - i f.uckin hates EAs!
  14. Used their car park today, seemed very quiet considering they were offering "50% off".
  15. It's Sibley again, with his pointless opinion based on the actions and intentions of the people he work's with; the same people who work a 60 hour week; of which their brain makes it's only contribution of 30 mins per week, and that's deciding lunch from the newsagents! Come on Sibbers, time to give it up; it's becoming embarrassing now.
  16. Noticed the number of registered users have just passed 14,000; a nice round number for the New Year. I wonder how many there will be at the end? I found this site quite recently (relativeley speaking) by actually googling house price crash, now this will become a common term over the next few years I wonder how many more people will be doing the same.
  17. From what's been said the LL has repaired the damage and made the room liveable, though I woud expect the room to be returned to the condition as before as you agreed to pay rent on the house in the condition you viewed; but if the LL decides to leave uncomplete and you want it completed, then you have a dispute which results in a compromise or you finding another letting. The important thing is that your LL has seen the state of the room after repair and you will not be held responsible for it when you leave the property. If you choose to paint for your benefit, then that's your choice.
  18. I'm surprised how many people actually have IO mortgages; over the past year more and more people have mentioned the fact that they purchased their house with one but never mentioned during HPI; you just assumed they had taken out a repayment mortgage and taht's exactly what they wnted you to think. During HPI they felt secure and believed their gained equity would pay towards the loan or even completey which made them feel rich and made them smug. Now all of a sudden they're keen to pass on some info about their financial circumstances as they now feel like unworthy victims of the crash who are starting to realise what a mess they could be in. The sad thing is, most of these people were advised to take these mortgages by FAs who fed them with the whole HPI crap and this was the only way to own, but what reassured them was the fact that the lenders would only do this because of HPI and therfore didn't consider as a risk to lend. One FA actually gave an example of somebody who had 'made' £70K on IO over a 3 year period!
  19. After reading Sibleys post within this thread I am now disregarging anything the phuckin moran has to say; he is clearly a troll and should return to hs 60+ hours per week job, or even consider taking an additional job to support his disillusioned world. It is a pity such a human has to provide 60+ hours of physical labour to live, and is not equipped with a brain to work for/with him. We loved you Sibley, but now the love has died; you have proved to be the loser every bull will become. Fellow HPCers; disregard this [email protected]; do not retaliate to the [email protected] he type's to provoke; he really is a pr1ck!
  20. I went shopping today and spent a total of £30; I'm still a shopper but buying so much more for less. As far as recession goes, I believe you only really feel a recession if you're unemployed, which takes me nicely to 2009!
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