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  1. Very grateful for the service provided, happy to have chipped in.
  2. Their economy has really gondola dogs.
  3. Full story here: Taxman to cross-check mortgage claims Sounds like a good idea to me. I still hear of people forging claims so this level of checking is long overdue IMO.
  4. FTFY I see it very differently. I don't think the piddly FTB scheme will help anything at all. Lots of juicy falls here in leafy Bucks where prices have held up well for the past couple of years. Nothing is selling, more coming on the market at lower prices forcing existing stocks to reduce prices. Looks like some very healthy falls coming this year. One example is house that came on for £499,950 late last summer. Dropped now to £450,000, changed agents twice, open day this weekend. I doubt they even had a viewer on it as the area here is small so expect anyone interested would have seen it already. Also while there were only a couple of 4 bedders like this on the market last summer there are now 8 to choose from - all been on the market since Jan or earlier. Quite a few 10% falls reported via property bee this month and still nothing shifting. Doesn't look like the kind of market where prices rise to me.
  5. I always find out what I can about the landlords I do business with. I credit check them. I talk to the current tenant out of shot of the letting agent where possible. I have not taken out rentals before based on what I have uncovered! Do your own homework...
  6. Too far away from the rest of the world for my liking. Seemed so close when I lived in Bristol that me and the Mrs considered moving there. Due to the location it is a pain in the **** to get to. Houses are a lot cheaper in that area for a reason...
  7. Property Bee can't die! Can beer hunter provide any stats on number of users, data transfer per month and current data storage requirements? Like others on here I have enough server space and power to potentially help out with this so PM me if any resource needed.
  8. Once the austerity measures bite, repossessions rise due to withdrawal of support schemes, unemployment rising, wages falling, double dip likely etc then I think sentiment will drop like a stone. 6% per year for the next five years? I don't see it myself. I think we could see 15% a year for the next two if the news carries on at this rate of knots. This would take us back to late 2002 prices which I think looks more like long-term average. I expect it will overshoot again though but I would be prepared to buy again at that sort of level. Yes I have a VI as a STR (as much through circumstance as design) but personally expect to buy tail end of next year. Expect this winter to be grim and see falls escalate, spending review (September?) to bring more belt tightening and pain for many, VAT increase in the new year, then on into another spring that will not bounce. Banks turning the screws on lending, interesting article in blogs section of this site about the end of self cert and it all stacks up to larger than 0.5% falls over the next five years to me. Looking like some serious downward movement due now. As others have said I think the Tories want the pain over as soon as possible to stand some chance of re-election. -0.6% this month, more would be nice though
  9. Your thoughts that it is a waste of time suggests a lack of understanding of the domain name market - thanks for not buying any of the good ones It is not all about flipping them, some names are valuable for reasons that I CBA to explain. Whether this lasts or not is another matter. Personally I like .co, it sounds more like company than .com and I think people buying and holding could do OK out of them. Happy to risk a few quid on these at the minute as have no cash in bricks or shares...
  10. Ah, so you failed to buy at the right time and are now kicking yourself. Have you bought recently due to the thought that house prices only every rise in this country? Oh dear. Sucks to be you I guess...
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