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  1. i agree. what is probably happening is that chattels are being valued at £30 and the anecdotal is being misreported
  2. that buyer appears to be alan partridge.
  3. for my part I think that he is trying to convey that the property is worth 250k but that he would accept 230k. what buyer, given the cue that the seller is considering accepting 230k, would offer more than that?
  4. Better make it £15 to cover the 75% of users who would abandon it rather than pay
  5. edit to say the multiquote feature didn't quote either of the two posts. i'll work it out later.
  6. Thanks both - those were helpful replies. nice multi-quote feature too. gusset edit to say the multiquote feature didn't quote either of the two posts. i'll work it out later.
  7. As I don't plan to visit every thread to see what has been happening. As for the skin-change, i'm reserving judgment for the time being. i presume the users were consulted with, as people tend to get stroppy about changes...?
  8. i think Darson might have intended "genteel folk" or "gentlefolk". it's not difficult for even a Truss-reading radio 4 listener like me to get things wrong sometimes. but some of the ignorami employed by estate agencies take things to another level. i'm signing off now, to 'benefit from' a wa.nk
  9. can someone remind me what is the long-term trend, ex-inflation, over a decently long period?
  10. Two interesting questions in the title, to which my answers are: 1. Does hpc.co.uk have a future? yes 2. What can be done with the future? quite a bit
  11. I'm as close to a contract expert as I think I've seen on HPC, being a lawyer who advises on commercial disputes, although tnot property-related ones. There is the unfair contract terms act (UCTA) and the unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations (UTCCR). This case was brought under the UTCCR. Basically, under the UTCCR , a consumer is any individual who is acting outside his trade, business or profession. Under UCTA, an individual or a company is a consumer if the transaction is not integral to their business or a regularly feature. In UCTA, a business can be a consumer but in the UT
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