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  1. They serve the people that matter, the top 10%, the rest can go do one.
  2. You know all those Council services you no longer get, well now you are going to have to pay more for them. Oh and pay for this too http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-42608033
  3. Exactly, try going to Belgium and living there without a job, your **** is out after 3 months or so. These were choices made by the British Governments not EU rules.
  4. Beginning to think Osborne is a Chinese fifth columnist.
  5. A friend works as a County Court Bailiff in London. He says that his workload these days is almost nothing but evictions with agents sometimes turning up with prospective new tenants trying to view the property while the eviction is ongoing. The London housing market is utter madness seemingly without end.
  6. Take off the top 10% of wage earners and the average wage for the rest is less than £13,000. We have a system designed to move money from the bottom to the top.
  7. Another great idea from someone who has never worked a day in their lives.
  8. Bloody Corbyn, wrecking the global economy and making Britain look bad.
  9. I'm eagerly waiting to see what effect the £12 billion cut in benefits is going to do, £12 billion less that gets spent into the economy.
  10. If you come from a wealthy connected family you are not going to want for opportunities to earn vastly more than the average person and if (when) you do happen to f**k up there will always be someone to offer you a helping hand and another chance. The dice are loaded.
  11. When the bond market goes tits up and we are forced to bail out the to big to fail profligate yet again there'll be plenty of 'money' found.
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