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  1. Agree, which is why before putting in an offer, I think it is worth paying a small fee (uder £10 from what I recall), to get hold the Land Registry details. At the very least you can see who the vendor is, how long they have lived there for, what they paid for the property, any charges they have against the property, plus any covenants on the property. Also if there is a school nearby, always check during school start/leave times. We nearly put an offer in yesterday and were completely shocked when we drove past it at schol pick up times. We had thought it was far enough from a school to be problem free. Not true, the whole road was one complete traffic jam! It would have been a battle to drive off/onto the property's drive at that time of day. So we declined to offer and told the agent why.
  2. Yes I have seen this happen to quite a few properties that have fallen through, after several months of being "sold". So it appears the agents are trying to cover up when properties have been previously "sold". I have even noticed some have managed to completely re-list as new to market by hiding the RM "added on" date. The only way I can get round it, is if I add a property to my favourites, and that shows the date, usually several months eariier, that I added it to my favourites. You can see why agents try to cover this up though. Boomin.com's" Chainmaker says this....
  3. I too am grateful to HPC for pointing me in this direction. no wonder they stopped doing them.
  4. I heard this reported on the news this morning. I have noticed an increase in listings over the last couple of weeks. All at higher asking prices though. Anyone else notice this? I wonder if it is from a backlog of people who need to move, or investors hoping to dump them whilst prices are so high? Regarding the huge rise in prices in Powys, I suspect this is based on a very small numbers of sales. https://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2022/3/more-listings-and-inflation-woe-signal-price-growth-slowdown--zoopla
  5. I too am seeing this. We live on a fairly modern estate. All of the larger detached 4 bed homes have been bought by retiring boomers, so only 1 or 2 people live in them. Meanwhile, those with young families are squashed into the smaller terraced homes.
  6. I have noticed a lot of estate agents try to cover up fallen sales by putting them back as a new listing. So any new listing I see that look familiar, but are not showing on my Property Bee as a fallen sale, I go back through my Saved Listings on Rightmove to find their original listing. Recently there seems to be more of these coming up and they are taking months and months to fall through. So maybe the agents have been able to hide the true extent of fallen sales fom Property Lion? Because this property site reckons there are 32% fallen sales. https://www.boomin.com/
  7. These tales of "unexpected" or "after a short illness" deaths are becoming so common now in young people, I can't understand why more people are not questioning why? Surely the government suspect its the vaccine to blame?
  8. 🤣 Brilliant post. ..(even though the news coming from Austria is unbelievably scary right now). Hope their citizens don't stand for this and it all crumbles around them.
  9. The answer for someone who conciously considers her own health should be obvious. ie. your assumption is correct.
  10. Too true. The way Boris, Hancock and their mates were (and still are!) pushing this experimental vax confirmed my decision not to go near it.
  11. Similiar to my family. We all caught covid in September. Son bought it home from his drama club, where it spread like mad whilst they were rehearsing. It was inevitable with the group all being indoors, close contact, no masks, singing, dancing, for several months . Most of them got it within days of each other, but within a week or so, they had all got over it. And so they were al safe and well, by showtime, for the 5 sell out shows. We didn't have invermectin, so we just took high dose vitD, vit C, zinc, quercetin, and NAC. Younger ones only mildly off colour, older ones (2 aged 66) took a bit longer, but we all found it was no worse than a bad cold. All unvaccinated, and glad we are, especially now its confirmed the vax doesn't stop you catching or spreading covid. I guess we all choose what risk to take and my family chose this way. I am not anti-vax, but anti this covid one. I decided I was more against taking an experimental vaccine and its unknow long term effects, than being scared of the illness.
  12. Shocking. The way these trials were carried out does make it look like the pubiic have indeed been used as the guinea pigs. Wonder if any of those now rushing to get their pfizer boosters would think twice if they knew this info? A neighbour of mine (in her 50's), who couldn't wait to get her first 2 vaccines, told me that no way would she have the booster, because she didn't want to be a trial for "mix and match". (her first 2 were AZ).
  13. Thanks for the update Count. Very interesting. Surely agents can't be making much money with such a short supply to sell? Where we are in South Wales, there's hardly anything for sale. Nearly all the family homes coming to market are ones that fell through some months ago. Many failed sales are putting their asking up about 10% and moving agents. Some of these sell, but now with some, the sale fails again! And some failed sales are sticking now. We viewed a failed sale a couple of weeks ago, and the agent admitted they had a lot of resales. We asked why, and he told us some sellers can't get the mortgage they thought they could and in some cases, the sellers can't find somewhere to buy. If we see any of these failed sales sticking, and they are chain free, we will view and remind the agents we know they are a failed sale.
  14. Unbelievable how they got away with treating our elderly like that. I think not many appear to even be questioning which vaccine type they are getting, let alone question what is in each one. In addition to closing the gap between the 2nd and 3rd, from what I have read, many of the early vaccines were AZ and now the booster is Pfizer. But surely they can't have had much time to test the effect mixing and matching vaccines will have on people? Someone told me she felt "safer" that her first 2 had been the Oxford vaccine, because it was from Oxford and not "foreign"! So makes you wonder if some will be put off the booster when they realise it will probably be a different one. 😮
  15. And talking of Vit D, we haven't heard much on that front lately, have we? Not sure if you have seen this article, (don't know anything about the author), or if it has already been posted, but I found it interesting. http://www.drdavidgrimes.com/2021/10/covid-19-vitamin-d-2020-2021-nature-and.html It discusses the influence of Vit D and vaccines during the peaks and troughs of this pandemic. Dr Grimes says that unlike past vaccines, that have been based on nature, and worked for many years, this covid one is an unlicensed expermiental gene therapy "vaccine". So concerning the course of the pandemic, he asks Is this ADE he is referring to here? Also, I heard on the radio that it is now being suggested some receive the 3rd booster after a 4 month gap, so it looks like his statement "vaccinations will continue perhaps indefinitely, at shorter and shorter intervals." is ringing true. He acknowledges something has gone wrong, yet all we get is silence from government and MSM as to what is going on. (very good point imo), and aks:-
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