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  1. https://www.itv.com/news/wales/2021-07-18/wales-becomes-only-uk-nation-not-added-to-denmarks-travel-red-list So Denmark recognises Wales as being a country in its own right. Not sure Boris and co will be happy with that, I think they prefer to think of Wales as part of Westminster rule only.
  2. Those were my exact thoughts too yesterday, when I saw the videos from France. (not on MSM of course). UK government can't have too many Brits over there seeing what negativity many in France have towards vaccination passports.
  3. I think the anti experimental "vaccine" side are growing like mad because the number of people who are coming across this "vaccine" either doing harm to themselves, or harm to their family/friends is rapidly growing. Those who have been damaged by dose 1 and won't be going for dose 2 are making their voice heard to try and warn others ...eg. (shamelessly taken from twitter) 😉.... Mike [email protected] I'm being treated, conventionally, for a Vzine induced blood-clot. My multiple symptoms persist. I believe the problem is systemic. But no doctor is listening to me yet. I had worst headache of my life, fatigue & collapse post AZ as well as skin shedding & bloodclot. [email protected] I’m 5 months - currently on way to Moorfields eye #hospital as #AZ has affected my eyes as well as awful #headaches fatigue & it’s getting scary - I feel despondent now as I can’t see an end to this...
  4. Some strange phtos on this house... It must be special because it has an attick! (see weird plan). https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/109951238#/floorplan?activePlan=1 As well as "big clock on the wall" fans, they are also animal lovers...(see dog photos 7, 14), rabbits ? (photo 10), garden photo focused on pet bowls ? (photo 9). Photo 5 looks like a big messy splodge on the kitchen floor! (a mat?)
  5. Indeed, I am guessing that those who have chosen not to go for the vaccine, are the ones most likely to prefer no restrictions at all. I read a survey somewhere that the non-vaxxed will most probably be the first to shed the masks. (when government ok it)
  6. Spot on, that behaviour is completely unprofessional. I fear the private rental business in the UK consists mainly of such unprofessionals.
  7. Sorry to hear this. Having gone through two S21 notices, I know its such a stressful time for you. I agree, there is no such thing as an "accidental landlord". They know what they are going into. This description aims to give landlords special treatment busienss wise. They should be treated like any other business and be prepared to factor in business risk. Sounds like your LL could be one of the many who consider their tenants as merely housekeepers for their properties, until they are ready to sell for a nice profit.
  8. Reading this article, it sounds like it is becoming harder to know who is catching the Delta variant now. It gives some reasons why they think the virus is weakening. I have had sight of other articles saying throughout history, viruses have always weakened over time beccause they cannot thrive if they carry on killing their hosts. I so hope this article is correct, especially when we go into winter. https://www.hartgroup.org/covid-19-is-becoming-more-mild/
  9. Hopefully none of them do end up taking it. Can't understand why any young person would push for it, especially as covid poses so little threat to them, and why any doctor would agree to giving it to them.
  10. My cousin lives in Sydney and my aunt told me she is living in lockdown there again now. (not sure what the extent of their lockdown is though). She said people were stocking up in the supermarkets and she saw some shoppers with trolleys packed with toilet rolls. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/australia-races-to-stop-delta-variant-with-new-lockdowns-revised-rules-in-population-only-4-vaccinated/ar-AALyd3w 4% are vaccinated there. This bit in the article is interesting.. Wonder how many young people will go for this vaccine when they see that?
  11. Very interesting thank you. Seeing your later post, no surprise then, that it was Hancock dissing VitD. (not that I believed him). Your ambulance thread is also one of interest to keep an eye on.
  12. I find this article interesting. How long will it take other countries to follow suit, I wonder? https://www.news.com.au/world/asia/singapores-surprising-new-plan-to-live-with-covid-revealed/news-story/52fa2c29252daeb4a3c634e1658f6901 It seems odd though that they say they are not going for zero transmission, quarantine will be dumped for travellers and those in close contact with covid will not need to isolate, but then they say "you may need to take tests to head to the shops or go to work".
  13. Yes, terrible leaders. All they seem concerned about, is how any decisions they make, would affect the opinion polls.
  14. I agree there is no right or wrong. Those who choose not to take the vaccine should not be judeged any more than those who choose to take it, because there are so many unknowns during a trial period for a treatment such as this vaccine.
  15. Yes masks, like vaccines, became very political tools. I heard them discussing on the radio today, how masks in places like Japan, are worn out of politeness. (I assume if they are feeling unwell?).
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