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  1. You have a good memory. 😉 Yes I posted about it while ago and have just dug it out again now for Bruce. And then I noticed there was more news about it now. I agree, I cannot understand why so many who know they have had covid, even more so than those who only suspect they have had it, are rushing to take an experimental "vaccine" (medication) for it. I suspect the government are not in a rush to wheel out this test because their aim of high vaccination rates is being used as political gain for them.
  2. Seems there is more ongoing work now on checking immunity from T cells. Surely if this test takes off, it would be accepted for a Covid green pass? 1) Last time I looked there was only a Harley Street clinic doing the test if you visit them for around £195. The T-SPOT®.COVID test is available at The Private Harley Street Clinic for GBP195.00 2) A company in Cardiff has also developed one. A company in Cardiff has developed a test for coronavirus T cells - which can potentially provide longer-term immunity to the virus than antibodies. 3) Now microsof
  3. Yes they know, and even some in MSM are beginning to realise, eg. this morning the business guy on LBC was discussing the huge amount of mortage lending that has just occured and he flagged up, that interest rates look like they wil have to go up soon, so this could give ongoing problems with the housing market. I think we are in for an interesting year ahead. But I have no clue how long this buying frenzy wil continue.
  4. Interesting article. 43% being rejected more than once now versus 17% pre pandemic is a lot of difference, and disppointed sellers, as well as buyers. I see they mention student loans as one of the barriers for them getting a mortage. Yet in the past. we were told these loans would not affect mortages. It will be interesting now to see how much of the overpriced rubbish that went up as "sold" so quickly, in the last few months, falls through? I recall just before the last stamp duty holiday ended, a lot of property coming back to market. Ok, so it all "sold" again when the
  5. Agree, very tough for flat owners, (those who bought to simply live in), but too many BTL'ers think BTL is a sure one way road to wealth. Perhaps this is a wake up call for them to realise, like any other business, there is a risk factor involved. And a warning for future home buyers to avoid leasehold places.
  6. Interesting, here in Wales I have heard we have buyers moving in from the South of England too. Though recently it does seem the "solds" are taking a bit longer and a few more are coming to market. But like your area, most are awful new builds and hardly any decent stuff.
  7. Gosh I never knew that. Wonder if that has been kept quiet so buyers will continue rushing out to buy whilst the SD holiday is still on?
  8. I am shocked at the incredible increase in sales since the SD hol was introduced. from twitter... [email protected] In a typical March the average number of sales going back to 2006 is 97k. This includes the spike in March 2016 before the introduction of the additional 3% SDLT on second homes. Last month 180k properties were sold as buyers rushed to beat the now extended Stamp Duty Holiday. Good luck with the purchase. If you don't make the SD holiday, I wonder if your buyer would reduce to cover the SD cost?
  9. Interesting question as SD holiday stopped there a few weeks ago now. Not due to stop in Wales till the end of June, but i expect it is too late for new buyers to take advantage of it now.
  10. This low volume seems to be the same throughout the country. As discussed before, the 3 D's usually have to come to market in the end (debt, death, divorce), so are we going to get a backlog of these come to market when sellers are not so scared of coming to market due to covid? Or are we going to see a lot of collapsed chains when stamp duty ends? As you say, interesting times. We are lucky here we have posters from all over the country to keep an eye on how things go.
  11. I really don't understand your post, when my original post was only commenting on a BBC article, that plainly said it was not fully peer reviewed.
  12. thanks, I should have read it as 24.000 confirmed cases, which lead to 57,000 household contacts then?
  13. My immediate thoughts when I heard the headlines about this on MSM yesterday ... ...were (if I have read it rightly), that the study found 57,000 confirmed covid cases post first vaccine. That seems a lot of people they have found who have caught covid 3 weeks post vaccine. Also some 62% in the study even passed it onto others in the household. I note it has yet to be fully peer reviewed.
  14. Very interesting thank you. There is very little info out there regarding treating covid, long covid or side effects from vaccination, by using ivermectin.
  15. A very interesting read. Current prices really must be off the scale, if even mumsnet members are now showing uncertainty about where future prices are heading.
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