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  1. Hi, Everyone on here seems to espouse buying physical gold. But I'm thinking there's more upside (though poss more downside too) to buying funds like Blackrock Gold & General or a Gold ETF. Could someone explain to an inexperienced investor like me if this is a good idea or not? Thanks Graham
  2. The day we start listening to that a**wipe for advice truly is the day we're all fcukd. And no I don't think nulibor are any better!
  3. Hi, I know Florida has seen some of the biggest drops in property prices over the past year or two. Looking on rightmove, there are many apparently decent sized 3 bedroom properties on sale for < $200k, though I'm assuming prices still have some way yet to fall. That being said, I'm wondering if it might be a good place to buy a rental property in a few months time, either near Orlando/Kissimee or somewhere along the Gulf Coast. I'd appreciate your opinions, particularly with regards to whether there is oversupply, rental yields, good areas etc. Thanks a lot, daddyg
  4. Injin, Would you mind posting the questions you asked the bank to avoid paying your debts off here? I'd like to give it a shot Just out of interest, how do you get internet access without any bank account/cards etc. Thanks Graham
  5. I wish your last sentence were right. Britain always obtains 'assurances' before exporting arms. And then accepts those assurances without a moments hesitation or questioning. British hypocrisy at its finest. Don't believe me...check out John Pilger's writings and documentary Death of a Nation about the decades of genocide under Suharto in East Timor. For years the Tories, then Blair (he even lied about it on Question Time) assurred us all those shiny hawk jets we flogged the Indonesians were for defence purposes, despite all the evidence they were being used to bomb the east timorese. Nope we ain't....we're just very good at giving that impression.
  6. It's what John Pilger calls self-censorship. The sad truth is there are very few mainstream journalists with any cojones these days. They all think the way to get ahead is to use "tempered language" and never stick their heads above the parapet.
  7. I concur, I popped into a Currys digital about 6 months ago and asked if a particular flat screen tv was 1080P. The sales lady didn't even know what 1080P was.
  8. Couldn't agree more. In fact there's no better example of what a bunch of spineless opportunist toss*** the tories are than they're blind support for the Iraq invasion. A million people marched through London against that war, yet those idiots couldn't even see it would become a tragedy.
  9. Sorry but that's such an old tired argument. Perhaps you would be better off asking why it is that only 2 parties have any chance of getting elected in this country. It's a premise that many seem to accept without question. We desperately need Proportional Representation in my opinion. Until that happens we'll only have a choice of s**t or s*****r.
  10. Whilst I like the fact Humphries is getting stuck in...I hate his hysterical interview style. If he kept calmer he'd be far more effective imo
  11. A valid point. On another one, perhaps it's time to accept that capitalism doesn't work. I don't know what the answer is but seems to me we better start leaving greed behind and start cooperating with each other instead or we'll destroy this planet before the century is out.
  12. Well I don't think the introduction of new technology is what this strike is about...unless the government are planning on introducing robot teachers. And where's the blackmail. They're striking for god's sake. Why do you think you get to work less than 40 hours a week? It ain't coz those nice kind employers suddenly felt generous one day.
  13. You really do have simplistic ideas about the teachers job. I expect you'll find they have plenty of work to do after their *day* finishes at 3.30pm. Like to see you in a classroom trying to explain economics to a bunch of teenagers. Bet you wouldn't think it so easy then.
  14. You illustrate my point about divide and conquer. You seem to be saying that because some private sector workers get a worse deal or have less bargaining power, teachers shouldn't be complaining about what is effectively a pay cut. It shouldn't be about one group of workers against another. You should be supporting teachers, then fighting for collective bargaining in the private sector. Don't play into the government's hands with that kind of thinking. And there are loads of things we'd rather our taxes (which teachers pay too) would go on. Like bankers and illegal wars to name two. I'd much rather some of our taxesgo on supporting a decent wage for teachers personally. My point would be you're angry at the wrong people, which ofcourse is what governments rely on to s*%t on people.
  15. Why wouldn't you think it was a good idea to protect the interests of workers through collective bargaining? It always surprises me how willing people are to serve the interests of the powerful rather than themselves.
  16. I do wish those of you criticising the teachers for going on strike would listen to yourselves. You're playing into government hands when you do that...classic divide and rule. It's not a question of why should they get more money, but why shouldn't they get more money. The present deal is effectively a pay cut, yet some of you seem to think that's ok. In my experience, they're are an awful lot of very hard working, dedicated teachers in the education system. Ofcourse they're are some poor ones too but that shouldn't blind us to the fact they have been shafted by this govt.
  17. Water should never be privatised. As a poster above mentioned...I think it was Bolivia or some other South American nation that saw huge increases in water prices under privitisation. Making it unaffordable for many poor people in those countries. Fortunately they didn't take it lying down and forced the government to renationalise the water utility. At the end of the day it's an essential resource that should never be left in the control of private companies. It's not like they're actually any good at running the water supply anyway.
  18. Ok so as the savings rate and mortgage rate are one and the same, then we'd just need to pay the interest on the remaining £43k. Looking at the figures, if the arrangement fee is £999 and we pay say £200 per month over the next 20 months for the £43k then the cost would be £5000 till end 2009. By comparson if we pay the £150k off upfront we pay £6k early redemption fee plus similar £200 a monthly interest repayments on the £43k. So £10k in total. So offset saves £5k.
  19. Well the offset mortgage seems very appealing apart from we'd need to pay another arrangement fee to the bank to go onto an offset from our Base rate tracker. I also wonder if we'd have the discipline to not touch the 150k! Thanks for all your responses....much food for thought.
  20. So the tax free interest on the £150k could conceivably be enough to pay the interest payments (though probably not the capital) on the mortgage, is that what you are saying? So 6% on 150k is 9k which would would cover the interest more or less. Why do you favour this over using the £150k to pay off the capital?
  21. Good point. I had wondered if we could negotiate. After all, they're desperate for cash right?
  22. No problem...that's cleared things up for me anyway.
  23. Newbie questions FP. Why precious metals, agriculture and commodities? Aren't they already at record highs...wouldn't I be buying at the top? And can you explain about offshore bonds, what they are and why you recommend them. Thanks Graham
  24. Thank you for the great comments. We do like where we live so that is a good argument for staying put even without the hassle and costs of moving. As others have mentioned, we could put the cash somewhere safe and rent the other house and use the combined interest/rent to pay our mortgage interest payments for the next two years and then if we want we can pay the mortgage off without £6k penalty. Personally though I quite fancy enjoying some sun abroad for a while but the missus isn't so keen. Andoving...nice tip about leaving a tiny amount on your mortgage. Hadn't considered the benefits of that. Cheers...Graham
  25. Can you explain why you wouln't as you put it throw £150k at the bank. Are you saying that if I paid £150k towards paying off my mortgage and the bank later got into financial difficulties, I could lose that £150k?
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