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  1. It is a nationally significant event and reference to its historical all time price high in any normally functioning press would be assured.
  2. YES ....third counter party RISK....when you need your PHYSICAL GOLD will it be there ......was it even ever there ....if you want to send me your money I will gladly hold and store your GOLD for free.😊
  3. The whole point of owning PHYSICAL GOLD is to remove any third counter party RISK.!!....why would anyone leave anything they value /covert in the hands of someone else is beyond me....I bet you do not even know the name of any member of staff at BBP the level of TRUST and lack of due diligence is truly EYEWATERING.!!
  4. Except of course the NEW GOLD ...CRAPTO and BITBOLL#X....obviously they are the future and so much more valuable than the BARBOROUS RELIC.😉
  5. The cash 4 for gold thing has been done and dusted .....they emptied everyone's homes of bits of scrap and anything they could find 10 years ago ...the general populace were fleeced of their only real wealth they had then....now the only thing left for them that is real is tears .!!
  6. I would recommend anyone UK centric to work with either the dealers in the Jewelery Quarter in Hockley which is obviously central or the dealers in Hatton Garden in London.Eventhough a 1.5 mile walk would be an easy and quick way for me to liquidate my metal ....it would be more than worth my while for buying and selling purposes to go to one of the above ....as my purchase spread would me minimised and my sell price would be much higher than my local town would give me.
  7. Not suprising really as the thread is called ...Gold strategy in the current economy .....Why don't you start a thread ....Bond strategy in the current economy.... and post and wax lyrical about investing in bonds there.!!
  8. Why is dumping physical Gold a pain ...I can walk 1.5 miles into my local town and sell my physical Gold in whatever form in at least 9 different places for immediate cash settlement. Can you explain why you had such a problem selling your Gold.??
  9. Why do people think the price is rising again now.?
  10. Any calls for where the price is going this week.?
  11. Where do people see the price of Gold in GBP next week above £1200 per try Oz.??
  12. In other news, I am now the proud owner of a mortgage again, as my cousin, a business owner pointed out. Borrow a small amount of money, your problem, borrow lots, their problem! Not if you are in the UK where your loan is RECOURSE so many people seem to apply RICH DAD. .POOR DAD...Robert Kiyosaki economic principles which are American NONRECOURSE loan model based ...which is responsible for the JINGLE MAIL phenomenon. In the UK a recourse mortgage with a small/large amount will always remain your problem.!!
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