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  1. Dear All, Done some digging. The charge was intended for private flats owned by multi nationals. Private purpose built flats UNITE on Penistone Road. This isnt about HMO's as said by the "Star chip wrapper". Its also not about halls of residence, both pay thier dues already. We have a crazy system now due to "Pickeled Onions" where Halls of residences, private HMO's pay, and tax avoiding multi national owned huge blocks of flats do not. I for one want them to pay up. In effect everyone in Sheffield is subsidising the big business. One has to ask oneself is this fair. So no sneeky "bin
  2. If they were actually doing that it would be open to challenge, but they are not. You must not read anything into a 'Star article'. Chip wrapping at the best. As to the flats talked about above, I suggest you get in touch with the council and ask why the rubbish is not collected in your flats? In my area, someone complained that their rubbish wasnt collected. They were living over some shops! Trouble was no one had bothered telling the council that the property was sub let, and there were non business tennants above the shop. Naughty Naughty. On reading the article again:- "so far we hav
  3. Hang on, Business Rates are set by central government, not the council! As has been said Business Rates are the nearest thing we have to LVT. Unfortunately, non of the other taxes SME's pay have been reduced. QAlthough if you pay a big enough bung to a certain right wing party HMRC are told not to go after you for tax (allegedly). Secondly, The Severnstones development was supposed to have started under the last watch (Con Dem). The headline is mis leading typical 'Chip Paper' style Star. Which is of course loosing its readership like a banker spending thier bonus. Bonner
  4. Update:- There seems to be more on the market in my neck of the woods. (Sothall) Also Broomhill houses are still going as soon as they come onto the market. I will wait to see the sold prices or indeed if the Sold Subject to Contract is true on a few of them. Perhaps the sun has gone to the buyers heads and they have paid the asking prices
  5. Britannia Building Society was one of the building societies of last resort so to speak. So maybe not enough care was taken by the CoOp when they looked at the books. The CoOp also invested heavily in Football!! They closed the loan to Sheffield Wednesday to enable a buy out. There were probably more unusual "Ethical" transactions as well. Lastly, I dont believe for one minute that some of the other banks are well run bastions of sound policy etc.
  6. From what I gather. The original debt was paid up. So its a bit of a fib by the ConDem supporting Star to call it the Student Games Debt. The debt as it is was funded by buildings as you rightly say. Just like MEWing. This was done under all previous administrations in Sheffield, including a massive one by the Lib Dems to pay for "leaf sweeping" in the posh areas its alleged. At least this new one is trying to get the payments down! (Wonder if they can claim back PPI?) The demolition of Don Valley does not influence the other buildings that have been used as assets to support the loan. A q
  7. Dear Bruce, This is so true. Worked all over the world with mine. Could even spot the House price bubble. So got to be worth something Bonner
  8. Indonesia property laws dont allow anyone who is not an Indonesian citizen to own land. You can rent property and land, but not own it. So I guess they have an Indonisian partner fronting for them, or are sub letting.
  9. Dear Saver, People will still pay over the odds for those places mentioned. Near the Hospitals and University, Walk into the centre of the city etc. How prices will continue to hold up is anyones guess. Number of students coming to the University down by 9% this year. Most places in the city are due a collapse. £240 million taken out of the city councils spend. Normally if you assume a 1 to 1 relationsghip with private spend we get a significant hole in the cities income. Going to be a good watch
  10. Dear fleabag, No 9 Sold £500,00 2010. Most of the rest seem to have occupants! Cant fid any records for Number 4? Bonner
  11. Dear Bart, I wondered what that Glint was the other day? I have seen that house before, £120,000 too much old chum! Mine was built before that by about a year, In the process of changing the doors, Re floored one room. Usual decor removed and re done right down to the plaster in a couple of rooms. New Cylinder in Hot water system. New bathroom. Etc. Bought in 2007, and no we did not pay the asking price. See above list of to do's Bonner
  12. Dear Bart, I don't know if I want to help you find your dream pad near my Gaff. The houses in Sothall are mainly overpriced, knock 15% off all published prices at least. Then play hard ball with the vendor. You could always wave that Co Op bag stuffed with £50's under their noses! Seriously the 15% off the advertised price is a good starting point especially if the place has been on the market for a long time. Also have a large deposit and or no need for a large mortgage. Also be in a position to MOVE! Bonner edited bag instead of back!
  13. Good on you! 57%. Notice nothing from the "Foaming Mouth Brigade". all talk and no substance! Think I may use that as shorthand now (FMB). Somewhere I have a 1966 O'level maths paper. Yes it is the one I took! Wonder if thats on the interweb? All the best Bonner
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