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  1. It is under The Old Bull, Bridge Road, PE33 9TB. To save you the time, the purchase prices was 350 and we have put about 45 in improvements to include a lot spent on redoing the river front, paving paths and a parking area, double glazing on the leaded glass windows, a couple of new insulated doors, redoing the downstairs fireplace and misc.... stuff. :-) We have one more thing and that is painting the outside. That is scheduled to start on April 20 and will be a bit over 5,000. Rounding it all off, we have about 400 in the property.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I agree with you a 100%. It would be ideal for that sort of thing as they could rent part of it out to pay some of the morgage and still have a great weekend place. I am listing with Abbotts Country Wide because they claim to market it through their people in London. Do you know of any better way to do it?
  3. I like your thinking. :-) It is a bad market though. Just had the real estate agent over measuring the place up. They sell real estate and were trying to be positive but when I commented about the last couple of days they just looked at each other and sort of nodded and changed the subject.
  4. I am an American and I need to leave for work reason. We have been here since 2004 and, you can't just take all the foreigners in even if they would like to liver here. We have loved living here and I wouldn't have given up the opportunity to have lived in this house and on the Wissey. This is the sort of place that would be idyllic for retiring to. As to it being available in a couple of years... :-( I hope it won't be.
  5. I am not sure but it will certainly show better. It has cast iron drain gutters on the second floor with some bad boards behind them. I am can't really sell it the way it is and if they put up scaffolding, one might as well do it right.
  6. The planning permission could be argued both ways. The last owner got planning permission to turn it from three apartments into one but it was never completed in the appointed time frame. It has three kitchens, separate access doors and separate off street parking. The only thing it doesn't have is separate heating. Oh, one more thing, it only has one water meter because when I got the house it was illegally plug into the water main and so when I hooked it up, I only put a meter on the single incoming line. I talked to a letting agent and she said the she would handle the paperwork for me and she could get it let out at 500+ .
  7. Abbotts came up with 450 and if I was forced to sell because of needing to move they said I could aucton it and if I did that, they would put a reserve on it of about 410. We are spending anothe 5,000 on painting it which isn't going to be done until the end of April. That is too bad as I would like to get it on the market as soon as possible based on the current economic situation and the fact that I might have to move. Ahhhhh well, we live in interesting times.
  8. So how did you know about the vandalism? That was about two years ago. Actually they only vandalized one car and one window. We had two cars in front of the house so with a total of 12 windows available to them, when they only broke one I am feeling pretty lucky. I am thinking that some kids had too much to drink and they went on a rampage one night and they walked down that street and did a lot of damage. It was only that once but we do have a camera in an upstairs window now though. :-)
  9. A couple of answer to questions posted: 1. the property is in PE33 9TB which is Stoke Ferry on the River Wissey 2. It doesn't flood. Something has been on the site since the 1700's but it burned in 1900 and again in 1930 3. it is slightly above the flood dike which is behind the house. 4. we have started a site to support the sale but it isn't public yet. http:.//www.TheOldBull.co.uk 5. someone had started splitting it into three apartments... It has three kitchens, three electric meters, and about 2 bedrooms per each apartment, three separate accesses to the outside and optional doors that could be closed off inside that could allow you to totally divide the property up. The thing it DOESN'T have is three heating systems. It is setup all on one heating system.
  10. We have a very odd property in Norfolk and need to sell as we expect to be forced to move for work. We can't figure out how to price it. Abbotts was over and said we could just about throw a dart at a dart board to pick a price as there aren't other places around like it. Where would we go to get a good realistic price to sell at given this uncertain market place. The house is on a river and has an odd shape but 300 feet of river frontage. It used to be an old pub and has been also used as a B&B and a restaurant. It has three kitchens. (someone was going to turn it into three flats but never completed the job.) We are using it as a single family home but it could have a second story rental and the main house with a granny annex. It also has the added kicker of possibly being able to split the property and build a new house on the river behind the existing house. We started the process, but we won't have it finished before we are force to leave. Our problem is trying to figure out who to go to or how to figure out what is a reasonable guide price. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Howdy.... I am new to this form. I mainly have bought property for the purpose of keeping it as a home and then just never ended up selling it but renting it out instead. We have property in the USA and now in Norfolk. My problem is that I am moving to Germany for work and will need to sell into this bad real estate market or hang on to it. I have enough tied up in it that I really can't afford to keep it and let it out so we will just have to see what happens.
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