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  1. So am I (actually beat you by 0.01%), but income and wealth are two different things. Some Chinese in China may earn much less then a UK Citizen but are still able to save a lot more due to being frugal and not wasteful plus lower taxes. A comparison of Net Worth would have been more interesting.
  2. I actually have added another half KG at just below 23000 rate. Much better to hold some more gold then to hold GBP.
  3. The red cross was founded by a Swiss in the 19th century, the flag is to honour Switzerland. I don't see how it relates to the English flag, crosses are quiet common in Christian Europe.
  4. What about DJAIGCLTR? Dow Jones-AIG Crude Oil Total Return Sub-Index Although I am not looking to go back in at 52$ per barell, just for future reference.
  5. I am buying a steady set of Stocks. Most I keep between 3 days and 3 months, so considered quiet short. I started doing so around January.
  6. You can make some money in the short term with "Penny Stocks". I just would not put all your savings into it. Gamble with 4K or so of it, you could open an ISA share account so if you do make gains, you don't have to give 20%/40% to the taxman.
  7. My Fav. Frozen Pizza is now 2.56£ It used to be < 2£ a year ago. Was 2.26 for a long time suddenly shot up. Think the Pizza is produced in Euroland.
  8. I bought stocks after the last dip in the stockmarket, so far going well, up 15%. I also bought sizeable amount of Gold, if you look at inflation adjusted prices, Gold is far from higher then during the 80's gold boom.
  9. It's obvious she took her Car loan in a forgein currency. Great move there.
  10. I think the gov. is trying to stop the price crash by drop kicking the pound. As the Pound loses purchasing power the house prices will seem to become stable to the public.
  11. Once some currencies tank completly and cannot be just restarted with another Fiat currency due to loss of confidence a new "gold pound"/ "gold dollar" currency may be started. At this time the value of gold will skyrocket.
  12. Got a meagre £500 in there and not planning to put more in. Apparently they had quiet a few subprime exposure.
  13. Good news for some of the savers in the recent flood of bad news! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/persona...e-accounts.html
  14. I got between 15K and 18K there... don't know how much excatly because I cannot log in!
  15. Well, I am staying there. And I got just slightly less then 35K in them.
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