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  1. Useful info here on shale gas. I can't dismiss that video, but then again I know the rubbish, lies and distortions pushed by the green lobby. I do know that the US is going to benefit from +30 years of cheap natural gas. We on the other hand are going to pay massively for subsiding uneconomic renewables and stick our head in the sand about shale gas. It's just another nail in Europe's coffin.
  2. Great chart! It says a lot about the renewables aspirations of the environmental lobbyists and just how hopeslessy unrealistic they are. Also fracking or shale gas has the potential to expand the natural gas input significantly in the next 20 to 30 years if only we would get on and develop it.
  3. Sounds like quite a few people do The Register - Sheer weight of Brits' interest knackers new tax tool
  4. It's the long term shift from petrol to diesel that has big impact on a refinery like Coryton. Unless they reconfigure the plant (££££) to match the increased diesel they can't hope to be economic. Combine the shift in products with an overall drop in consumption, due to the global slowdown and it has to close.
  5. I can't find any references using Google, but my guess is that the drop in gasoline sales is counter balanced by an increase in diesel sales. So it's not as bad as the 20% suggests.
  6. All of the above and there is not a true leader among them. They're all faceless bureaucrats paralysed by the environment they've got used to. Hopefully a more unsavory character doesn't seize the opportunity or countries don't start to turn on each other.
  7. You're not relying on the BBC for your world view are you, because that would make it very distorted.
  8. Agreed, the BBC pursue a relentless 'cuts agenda' from the comfort of their £3bn per year funding. So to all those who criticise how little the coalition has cut spending, consider what the BBC has done to educate anyone. All the time we hear of cuts and no explanation that all that has been done so far is to cut back on the rate of increase of borrowing. Given that the BBC control 70% of the news output in the UK it's not surprising that we've been subjected to those nasty Tory cuts when in actual fact nothing has been done.
  9. Putin is no saint and I don't like his methods or approach, but I agree the BBC are showing a lot of editorial bias in the way they are reporting the election results. The story they want to run with is electoral fraud, but the vote for Putin was 64% and so beyond the scale of possible fraud. But they keep on plugging away questioning the validity of the result despite real evidence.
  10. It explains why so many UK refineries have been sold recently and why Petroplus has gone bust. Stanlow sold from Shell to Essar, Milford Haven to Valero, Grangemouth to Ineos. The money for major oil comapnies is in getting the oil out the ground and the margins for refining are small.
  11. It's interesting that the oil companies haven't been blamed for high prices this time around, but the failure of Coryton probably exposed that myth. I think joe public would be surprised at just how old some of the equipment in a refinery can be, but that doesn't mean that it's being used in the same way that it was when it was first installed. Units within a refinery are constantly reconfigured and tweaked to make production more efficient or change the process. It's probably true that a new plant built from scratch will be more efficient, but either way the new and the old plant sell product onto a global market. That dictates the price. It's naive to believe that UK refineries only supply the UK.
  12. Don't forget the cicrculating pump. My guess is you would need around 100W to run the CH system. How much would a UPS be to maintain 100W for say 10 hours. If its a viable cost then you could fit one today.
  13. A quick search on google suggests that dishwashers are not worse and probably more efficient than hand washing. That is providing the loader doesn't rinse before ...................... aaargh the Mother in Law!
  14. And how much effort and resource do the temporary employers have to put into the continual stream of 'workers' for 4 weeks at a time. I bet Sainsbury's, etc have dropped the scheme because it's not worth their while doing it. People criticise the 5% actual follow on employment rate. What's wrong with that? I bet that's not any different to a typical interview take up rate. The scheme is meant to churn large numbers through, for short periods of time, to break the culture of unemployment. I agree it's crap, but so is the whole mess the country is in. Most of the outrage is against Tescos because of what they represent and not because of the scheme itself.
  15. +1 I'm few up with hearing all the hand wringing over how harsh the cuts to benefits are, eg. £26K per year after tax is too little. It's ridiculous.
  16. You'really missing the fact that a company is taking on a stream of people for 8 weeks at a time who might or might not want to work. I think it's accetable. The self righteous indignation in this thread is nauseating!
  17. Hotel Chocolate sell far higher quality chocolates than Thorntons. Thornton's are just cheap, sweet rubbish. OK Hotel Chocolate are relatively expensive, but they are good chocolates. We've bought their monthly selection boxes by post for years and they set your expectations far higher of what good chocolates should be.
  18. They also say in your own quote "including an agreement to let Britain enforce bank capital requirements that are higher than the proposed European maximum". I can't get access to the article anymore, but the point is that the BBC don't reflect the detail properly. Higher capital requirements are a good thing, but since all the EU banks are ****** then they wouldn't be able to comply. The BBC's coverage of this has been appalling. There are two sides to what Cameron has done and whilst I tend to think he did the right thing I see the risks and possible downside. However everything published by the BBC has been couched in negative terms with lots of negative inuendo. It interesting to see that the majority of comments left in response to their output are in the majority broadly supportive of DC. They must be having a 'does not compute moment'. And I'm not a banker or your mate!
  19. If you read what the FT article here says I think you will find what SF said about some regulation being tougher is correct. Neither she or the FT is a particular fan of Cameron so I see no reason for them to twist it his way.
  20. Is this a fill the blanks quiz? I've had a go above. What's the prize?
  21. To be honest I think you're being too paranoid. I don't know what other banks are like, but Nationwide seem to be pretty alert when it comes to suspected fraud. They've stopped my debit card three times because they've spotted suspect activity. The last time it was because of a 1GBP transaction from Tesco Mobile that had nothing to do with me. They also stopped my wife's card because one of their letters to her got returned for some reason as 'not know at this address'. When the card gets stopped its a bl**dy nuisance, but then again it's better to be safe than sorry. The best lesson I would take away from this is to always have another card with you in case the first gets stopped.
  22. No it just means that Norman Smith is left wing. He always manages to slip in a subtle criticism of the government whenever I hear him. After all the police are the ones who are on the ground. It's the same with a war you let the forces do the fighting, not the politicians.
  23. Is this really the case? I don't buy into the line that the cuts have fed through already and hence the riots are a protest. To my mind they're just thugs, but is there real evidence of what you've said above?
  24. My mistake, I quoted the wrong reply. I've corrected it now.
  25. FFS I'm amazed that anyone could say this nowadays. Have you got a Jeremy Clarkson pin up on your bedroom wall?
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