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  1. What have we under 35's got to offer the country?
  2. 40% during what is traditionally the busiest time of the year, that is astonishing. Walking into work now, I see for-sale signs on nearly every street. PD
  3. From looking at the 'What are house prices doing in your area?' forum it appears that SW Wales certainly does have a particularly over-inflated market at the moment, so it would be a poor editor who did not print at least some version of your letter. Good night, PD
  4. I too was shocked when I read this article, but on reflection I'm sure it has been 'coloured up' for effect. She may (or may not be) financially short-sighted, to say the least, but she's certainly an excellent journalist - look at the response she's provoked here and on House Price Chat! If I were bringing up four children, I'd probably be 40,000 good british pounds in debt too. It's a sensitive issue: to what extent should financial considerations control your family planning? There's no way I could afford 4 kids (if I wanted them!), so I say good on her for going ahead regardless!
  5. deliberate typo, no? I thought it was quite clever!
  6. Masked Tulip, Substance of letter looks fine to me. However, it seems quite long for a local paper letters page, so it might well be cut to be more pithy. Also, most newspapers go for shorter paragraphs. Alternatively, you could make it a bit longer, re-jig it slightly, maybe add some more local stuff, and offer it as a feature? Just an idea. They might give you a few shillings for it! Is your local paper a weekly or a daily? You might want to release to coincide with - or respond to - this week's forthcoming MPC decision. Good luck, PD
  7. Yes, I'd like to see PR. Was very surprised to see that that mock election website didn't even offer the Greens as an option. If you don't want to vote for any of the other parties, voting Green is still better than spoiling your vote: you may help the party get their deposit back for that candidate (important for the small parties), and I'm sure there are central party number-crunchers who will monitor all the minority-party votes nationwide. Not that I know who I'm going to vote for yet myself...
  8. Thanks for that breakdown BubbleTrouble. I'm trying not to think about the property market too much: obsessing about it just makes time pass slower while I wait for the Spring bounce to bounce downwards, sales figures to become seasonally adjusted stats, the MPC to raise IRs, the media to change their tune, etc, etc, etc. I have to be patient and wait for any worthwhile falls to play out in their own sweet time. However, the casual browsing I've done prompts me to agree with Thistle - my impression was of slightly more FPs around just before Xmas than there are now. This might well be a seas
  9. I would pay up to £80,000 (at a push) for a nice 1 bed flat. The kind of flats I've been looking at have been going for about £95,000 recently. In 2003 they would have sold for about £70,000.
  10. right freds dead, That was a heartfelt but well-argued post. It seems wrong that someone in your position should feel forced into making such a decision ... something in this society has to change. Sometimes this country seems work-crazy - why do we do it? A huge proportion of all the labour we used to do is now automated, and yet the days of a one-breadwinner family are well and truly over. Even a working couple can barely afford children, these days. Maybe it's true that our generation have higher materialistic expectations, but at the same time we all know that its our own consumerism t
  11. Recently I read somewhere, either here on HPC or on Housepricechat, that house prices in Edinburgh hadn't recorded below 0% growth in the past 38 years. As mentioned above, there seems to have been a fall in the past six months, so either that statistic is calculated annually, or it is now no longer true. Agreed, o/o prices are still depressingly high - and EAs have told me that that they expect sale prices at 15 -20% over o/o. It just can't go on...
  12. FTBs Section: Living at home/rented/shared etc: Moved home in November after flatsharing, plan to rent solo in about June. When you plan to buy, or if: Prepared to rent for a couple of years. Could already stretch a purchase at 3.5 x income, but want more than a human-hutch. Don't enjoy my current job either, so waiting until I'm more settled. Given current footlooseness, if opportunity arose would consider moving to work abroad for a year or two. Rental Costs: Were £260pcm + bills Rent going down or up:Living at home gratis (thanks Mum!). Do you think the market will continue to
  13. "The number of homes on sale at the average estate agency has more than doubled from 38 in January 2004 to 75 last month, Wednesday's data suggest." Hmmm... Strange that on the intro of an FT article, the mistake slips through that 75 is more than double 38!!
  14. I was interested in a one bed + box flat in Gorgie, Edinburgh. It went very recently for (I'm pretty sure) low 90's. According to Nethouseprices, it changed hands in April '03 for 68k. That means, if this sale goes thruogh, that the value has gone up about a grand a month for two whole years. Even if 92k is affordable, it does make you wonder why you should pay that much. G'night.
  15. Browsing through the HPC shows some extremely bearish views, but I'm not at all convinced that there's going to be anything like a similar crash/correction in Scotland. You can still get a small but reasonable FTB flat in the city centre of Edinburgh or Glasgow for <£80k, which, judging by other posts, you certainly can't down south. Remember that in days of yore, it wasn't uncommon for newlyweds to start out by living in a caravan. Getting on the so-called ladder has never been easy. There should be at least some small drops in prices though. I've only been watching the property marke
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