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  1. 600 even for next week - and welcome to page 100
  2. monto


    Oxford's nearly next to Nottingham in the alphabet, so why not in the atlas also
  3. I'd known this article was coming out for quite a while, and I knew they'd make a hash of it. So it was entertaining to read the EA stylings alongside the Guardian's typically poor grasp of urban geography outside London and Manchester. Ormeau Baths on the Ormeau Road? In my time, I've looked at some of the 'value' to be found in the Holylands and baulked: No interior pictures - with good reason at an insane price, still... and this must have been seriously trashed - back below its rateable value!! The accompanying picture in the print edition makes it look as if Cavehill is about to spill into the Lagan!!
  4. Did anybody notice this over the weekend? Eye-watering prices on the Ormeau Rd, but good value in the Holylands. Quick, before they're all snapped up! Wow! Cool new place to move...
  5. ...I've been caught looking at Swansea... Ha! I don't even remember finding this one... certainly not entertaining spending near half a mil
  6. When I applied for a job in Northern Ireland, two things surprised me. One was the insanely high house prices (there really should be a much higher price differential between Windsors Belfast and Berkshire...). The other was the equal opportunities question on community background, which asked for your school of origin if you declined to give your community of origin One positive consequence of this nosiness for off-island incomers is that the Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service (NINIS) is far more useful (though less pretty) than upmystreet - it gives info on percentage of renters and OOs, relative measures of crime, environmental quality, employment and education levels, car ownership and use, and allows you to map all sorts of indicators. I use Firefox and add-ons called 'Add to search bar' and 'Context search' to bring up neighbourhood data by right-clicking on a postcode. The site was down for a couple of months, but now it's available again. Also, Noise Northern Ireland, the local response to a recent European directive on environmental and noise pollution, is full of surprises, with good - if slow - mapping. Oh, and though upmystreet is crap for NI, aboutmyplace is a bit better. At least it has a decent interface to Windows Live Local's bird's-eye-views. Still don't know if I'm moving to NI - I might find out next week... even if I don't end up 'round Belfast, I'll be moving house soon, and I've learned a lot on the NI HPC forum. Hope this post helps someone (by way of returning the favour)
  7. Hi - I'm a long time lurker - thought I'd be moving to Belfast this summer, but probably staying put in the end... I've been informed and entertained by all on the NI forum, and thought I couldn't let this item go unnoticed. Within commuting distance of Cabra, Dublin, and Belfast If you've £375k to spare, you'll get the wheels for your journey... don't miss out!
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